Exclusive: Doge Documentary to be “The Wildest” Film Ever Seen

Lavina Daryanani
Source: News 18

Kabosu, the Shiba Inu breed dog that is the face of Dogecoin has a soft spot among community members. Towards the end of last year, when it was critically ill, the community was quite upset and hoped for a speedy recovery. Well, their collective manifestation worked, as Kabosu pulled off a miraculous comeback.

People from the community, along with filmmakers, are now working to honor the 17-year-old dog by releasing a documentary. The feature film doesn’t have a final name yet, but the idea is to showcase Kabosu’s journey from merely being a stranded puppy to becoming an influencer and well-known dog-celebrity.

The Doge-associated NFT community called Own the Doge has tied up with blockchain, Web3, DeFi, and NFT-aligned group PleasrDAO to produce the feature film. Pleaser, on its part, bought the rights to the Doge meme image for $4 million worth of ETH back in 2021. Typically, the documentary is funded by PleasrDAO and Own the Doge community members.

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On-screen and off-screen progress

The ‘dogeumentary’ is being directed by Jon Lynn. Pseudonymous film producer and Own the Doge core contributor ‘tridog’ highlighted to Watcher Guru via mail, how Doge is a “cultural icon of the Internet.” The producer further pointed out that Doge was named as the “Meme of the Decade” by KnowYourMeme, the go-to source for meme history. In retrospect, he pointed out that the film could end up being a banger. Specifically, ‘tridog’ said,

“This will be the wildest film the internet has ever seen!”

Via a recent tweet, “tridog” highlighted that the team has been working “quietly” behind the scenes in Japan and the U.S. on the ‘dogumentary.’ Right from interviewing Kabosu, the dog herself, to Atsuko Sato, the teacher that rescued her, and John Monarch, the creator of the first ‘Doge’ meme, the project has already made rapid advancements.

The film intends to tell the “inspirational story” of Doge and highlight her “incredible impact on the world” by showcasing her evolution. In fact, via a Twitter thread, ‘tridog’ indicated that the team is likely eyeing a major film distributor including streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu.

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Doge and the Mona Lisa connotation

‘tridog’ asserted that the team wants people “to understand how a simple photograph of a dog has spread joy and happiness around the world, bringing people together for hijinks again and again.” Highlighting the feats achieved, the pseudonymous film producer tweeted that Doge is the most expensive meme and fourth expensive photo ever sold. Alongside, it is the eighth largest crypto asset and the fourteenth most expensive NFT. Equating Doge to Mona Lisa, ‘tridog’ told Watcher Guru,

“In all of human history, especially on the Internet, rarely do memes last decades. That’s why we see memes as art and Doge as the Mona Lisa of the Internet.”

Well, the community is evidently excited about the ‘dogeumentary.’ Now even though the feature film intends to reach the mainstream audience by banking on the strengths of prominent distributors, it remains to be unclear if any traditional media house will green-light and make room for the same. Additionally, the association of several anonymous names doesn’t paint a very transparent picture.

At this point, there is no concrete evidence signifying whether the film will gain mass traction or not. But well, the project has the community’s back to lean on and get support from. In fact, throughout the years, they have been Doge’s biggest strength.

Thus, only time will tell if its release would end up creating hype similar to fruitful instances in the past for Doge, like when Musk appeared on Saturday Night Live or just be a passing cloud during a thunderstorm, similar to when Twitter changed its logo to DOGE.

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