Exclusive: Shiba Inu’s LEASH to be Listed on Vivid Money Soon

Vinod Dsouza
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Vivid Money might soon announce listing Shiba Inu’s native token ‘Leash’ on their platform for trading. Vivid Money recently added Leash for price tracking and could soon allow users to buy and sell the token. Watcher Guru was the first to predict that Vivid Money will list Shiba Inu back in February, and the trading platform got SHIB onboard in March 2022. The European exchange was the 99th platform to get Shiba Inu onboard during its listing in March.

Watcher Guru reached out to Vivid Money’s PR Lead, Adrian Smiatek for confirmation about listing Leash. Adrian did not specifically confirm the listing but hinted that they’re looking at adding more coins.

“We are looking closely at the market and working to create a reasonable listing policy to add more coins,” he said exclusively to Watcher Guru.

However, as per our sources, Vivid Money might list Leash soon along with other tokens. Nonetheless, details about ‘the other tokens’ have not come to light yet.

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Why Is ‘Leash’ Listing Important?

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The leash token plays an important part in the development of the Shiba Inu ecosystem. Just recently, SHIB the Metaverse ‘land event’ opened up ‘sale bids’ for users who locked their Leash and were given first priority access to view, bid, and purchase plots in the Metaverse.

Once SHIB the Metaverse is fully released and functional, Leash will have many more use-cases along with Bone and SHIB. This might have positive effects and sustainably scale up its price in the coming months. Also, several holders are hoarding up Leash and Bone in the hopes of it shooting up in price when all the upcoming developments are released.

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Leash is also seeing a steady increase in the number of holders after the Metaverse announcement. Its 24-hours trading volume now goes above the $1 million mark, while Bone still lacks behind.

At press time, Shiba Inu’s native token Leash was trading at $818 and is down -2.1% in the 24-hours trade.