Financial System Strips Middle Class of Their Assets: Robert Kennedy Jr

Lavina Daryanani
Source: Adweek

During an exclusive Fox News Town Hall on Tuesday, Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said that the financial system is designed for the rich to strip the middle class of their assets and equity. He added,

“It is brutal, savage, merciless capitalism for the poor.”

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$4 trillion moved from middle class to rich: Kennedy Jr.

Explaining how the lockdown during the pandemic period was the “final straw,” Kennedy Jr. said,

“We moved $4 trillion dollars from the American middle class to the super-rich.”

The presidential candidate also went on to call out several “bad decisions” made at the White House under President Biden. However, he did not explicitly comment on, if Biden was physically, mentally, and cognitively strong enough to lead America. Nevertheless, Kennedy Jr. was quick to add,

“Well, he’s never been very good with words.”

He clarified that he was avoiding “personal attacks on people,” while campaigning, and further re-asserted,

“I will say, whether he’s up to it or not, whether he’s making his own decisions – the decisions that are coming out of the White House are bad decisions.”

Leaving aside the political tussle, Kennedy Jr. has been quite vocal about his support for crypto while campaigning. He recently assured Americans that they will not be liable to pay taxes on Bitcoin to U.S. dollar conversions. In fact, he also contended that if elected, he will make sure that citizens’ right to “use and hold Bitcoin is inviolable.” According to Kennedy Jr., Bitcoin is a defense against money supply manipulation. He has deemed the digital asset to be more than a currency. According to him, it is an “exercise in democracy.”

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