Database Leak Exposes Wallet Addresses of 101,000 Users

Sahana Kiran
Source – Unsplash

The crypto-verse has been seeing various platforms, networks, and assets experiencing rapid growth right after their launch. was one among them. The newly introduced decentralized social [DeSo] network, accomplished an impressive feat by amassing $1 million in fees within just a day. This achievement captured the attention of numerous users. However, a specific individual disclosed confidential information of more than 101,000 users from the platform.

Banteg, an anonymous contributor to Yearn Finance, has openly shared a “leaked” repository on GitHub. This entails significant information about users from the platform. This further encompasses wallet addresses on Base as well as the associated Twitter usernames.

Many individuals raised concerns about the platform and indicated that there were numerous warning signs right from the beginning. The pricing structure and methods for generating income appeared questionable to a significant number of people. Some also pointed out the platform’s capability to post tweets and retweets on behalf of its users. A plethora of tweets urging individuals to revoke’s access to do so began surfacing.

Further elaborating on the perils of this, a Twitter user wrote,

“Imagine giving power to a 3rd party to do these things to your profile. In the future, they can post or retweet those things from your account that have bad intentions and can harm your community.Just one security flaw and everything will be gone.”

The procedure is relatively straightforward. Individuals using the app need to navigate to their Twitter account settings. From there, they should choose the ‘Security and account access’ section and subsequently select ‘Connected account.’ By doing so, users will discover that the app has the capability to make posts and retweets on their behalf.

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Is the data of NBA players using also in danger?

Over the weekend, several individuals joined platform. This included many who aren’t typically associated with the industry. Furthermore, it could potentially lay the groundwork for increased cryptocurrency adoption among the wider public.

Richard “FaZe Banks” Bengtson II, co-founder of the influential esports community FaZe Clan, joined the platform over the weekend and promptly witnessed a rapid increase in the value of his shares. Similarly, NBA player Grayson Allen experienced a swift surge in his share prices.

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