Galaxy Heroes Coin (GHC): Hot New Project Alert!

Galaxy Heroes Coin

Galaxy Heroes Coin (GHC) is a community-based token that aims to unite superhero fans. The token, which will launch on the Binance Smart Chain, will have features such as Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs), gaming, and even staking. Galaxy Heroes Coin will be launching on September 30, 2021, at 12:00 pm EST. The project is the creation of Brian Sumner.

Why Binance Smart Chain?

Galaxy Heroes Coin opted to launch on the BSC network because of the low transaction fees. Binance Smart Chain has become famous for blockchain startups that want to grow fast. Because of the low fees, many retail traders have concentrated their trading on the chain. Ethereum has mostly been left to whales and sharks with massive accounts.

Private Sale

So, GHC promises to be a token that rewards its community handsomely. The project has a total supply of 1 quadrillion. The project has Tier 1 and Tier 2 private sales. For the Tier 1 private sale, the rate is 710 billion GHC for 1 BNB. Tier 2 has a rate of 700 billion GHC for 1 BNB. The maximum you can contribute toward the private sale is 2 BNB, and the minimum is .25 BNB.

Out of the total token supply, 15% goes to staking contract wallet, 14.7% goes to the exchange, 28% goes to PancakeSwap (showing that GHC will list on PancakeSwap first), and 42.3% was allocated to the private sale (which already ended). The goal of the team is to have 100% of the tokens locked in liquidity as time goes by, which will guarantee liquidity for token holders and traders.

Contract Features

Here are Galaxy Heroes Coin contract features:

1. Anti-Whale

Many projects in the blockchain space have been notorious for allowing whale manipulation. ‘Whale manipulation’ means that a big buyer scoops up massive amounts of the token during private sales and then proceeds to dump on the retail investors after the project is listed. Galaxy Heroes Coin has countered this with an anti-whale feature in their contract. The feature does not allow anyone one investor to hold more than .2% of the total supply for the first 48 hours.

2. Anti-Bot

An anti-bot mechanism is a protocol put in place to stop harmful bots. In this case, the feature prevents any malicious attacks during the launch. Most blockchain startups have been known to get hacked within two to three months of launching. This feature will enable a smooth launch for GHC.

3. Anti-Dump

As explained in the ‘Anti-Whale” section, whales can be good and bad for a project. With the anti-dump feature, no wallet can sell more than ¼ of the max wallet, which is a 2T coins max wallet. This prevents any big price drops on any given day.

4. Buyback

The contract also has a buyback feature that automatically buys back 2% of GHC tokens on every transaction. This creates a steady chart. Traders who rely on technical analysis will identify a suitable project based on the price action of the underlying asset. A steady chart is very crucial.

Tax on All GHC Transactions (Buys and Sells)

In addition to these features, there are ‘taxes’ on all GHC transactions. It is also noteworthy that these taxes only apply to transactions on Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) and not on Centralized Exchanges (CEXs). Every transaction (buy or sell) incurs a 10% tax. The 10% tax is distributed as follows:

Firstly, 3% goes to GHC/BNB liquidity pool on PancakeSwap (and any other DEX that will list GHC). 2% goes to Galaxy Heroes Coin company in a buyback program. 2% goes to the marketing wallet to enable GHC marketing to a broader community. The other 2% goes to the developer wallet to further GHC product research and development. Finally, 1% goes to holders of GHC as reflections to incentivize them to continue holding GHC.

Galaxy Heroes Coin Roadmap

The project has its roadmap already set. The roadmap involves four phases. Phase One has been completed, and Phase Two is well underway. The most important aspects of Phase One include contract auditing, whitepaper release, and private sale, all of which have been completed.

Significant milestones in phase Two include GHC official token launch, NFT platform launch, and listing on an exchange. It is worth noting that when the coin launches on September 30, 2021, at 12:00 pm EST, staking will be ready the same day. This is rapid development on the part of the developers.


The Galaxy Heroes Coin team has a lot in store for their community. Already over 2500 members have joined, and the community is growing. The team ultimately aims to release their own NFT game on both iOS and Android further down their roadmap. Also, there will be NFT airdrops at different stages on the roadmap. Therefore, stay tuned by joining their telegram group and following them on Twitter to not miss these awesome giveaways