Global Private Bank LGT With AUM $280 Billion Offers Bitcoin, Ethereum Trading

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Global Private Bank LGT With AUM $280 Billion Offers Bitcoin, Ethereum Trading
Source: Hubbis

LGT bank, a private bank owned by the Liechtenstein Princely House, is offering bitcoin, ethereum trading to its private clients. The global bank is a part of the largest family-owned banking institution in the world.

The bank plans to offer cryptocurrency brokerage and custody services to its private clients beginning from Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The crypto services provided by the LGT private bank are in association with SEBA bank. SEBA is a Swiss-regulated digital asset services provider.

The LGT bank manages over $292 billion in assets. The announcement was made by the SEBA bank on Tuesday.

Source: Fintech News Switzerland

LGT to provide bitcoin and ethereum services initially

LGT’s plan to provide crypto services is in response to the growing demand from its wealthy clients. The bank has planned to offer investment services initially in bitcoin and ether, which might diversify in the future. The bank also has plans to add more coins to its bank and offer staking and other earning possibilities.

The bank said that it would integrate digital asset services with traditional assets, which will provide a seamless experience for the clients to add crypto to their portfolios.

“The range of services combined with the highest security standards makes SEBA Bank’s service offering unique and we are very pleased to be able to support LGT with our expertise in expanding its services around Digital Assets.”

Franz Bergmüller, CEO at SEBA Bank

SEBA’s services are also spread across Singapore. The bank supports over 14 cryptocurrencies with a crypto yield offering feature. The bank also holds hot and custody wallet storage solutions with the highest security standards.

“The demand for cryptocurrencies has also increased among our clients in recent years.” “We are very pleased that we can now offer our client easy access to these asset class.

Roland Matt, CEO of LGT Bank, Liechtenstein