GTA 6: Interesting Points About the Use of Crypto In-Game

Paigambar Mohan Raj
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Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) is one of the most anticipated AAA gaming titles in modern times. The sequel to the incredibly successful GTA 5 has been in the making for several years. One of the most significant changes in the franchise, if we are to go by the rumors, is that GTA 6 will include the use of crypto. If this is true, it would allow the developers to tap into an entirely new market while also incentivizing players.

Rumors about GTA 6’s crypto use

1. GTA 6 Cryptocurrency to Be Named $RSTAR?

    GTA 6 Dollars
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    According to rumors floating online, GTA’s new crypto will be called $RSTAR. Furthermore, it is said that the crypto will be added to the player’s account after completing missions for anonymous billionaires. In fact, players can hold both cash and crypto. However, there is no confirmation of this from Rockstar. Additionally, there is no word if users will need a Rockstar-approved crypto wallet to hold the tokens.

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    2. The Game Will Mock Digital Assets?

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    There’s another rumor making the rounds that GTA 6 will parody the idea of digital assets. The franchise is known for its humor, dark or otherwise, which has taken different forms throughout its history. It is possible that the crypto world faces a similar fate in GTA 6. However, this, again, is not confirmed by Rockstar.

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    When will the next GTA launch?

    Grand Theft Auto’s sixth iteration is said to be the most expensive game so far in terms of production value. This is not surprising given that GTA 5 holds the record for being the highest-selling entertainment product of all time, earning almost $8 billion so far. The project was apparently scrapped twice due to leaks. However, there is no official launch date provided by Rockstar. There are some rumors that the developer may show a teaser this October, but this has not been confirmed.