GTA 6 Players To Receive Real Money For Completing Missions?

Vinod Dsouza
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Rumors are swirling on social media a day before the GTA 6 trailer release that Rockstar Games will introduce a new payment integration system that can transfer a part of the in-game money to the users’ bank account. The speculation gained weightage after a Web3 community builder tweeted that he received inside information through a source about real currency integration. According to the tweet, GTA 6 could launch a play-2-earn game rewards system that could allow players to make real money for completing missions.

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“BREAKING: GTA 6 will be Play to Earn!” he tweeted. The user also stated that he “just got off the phone with Rockstar” games. If this turns true, GTA VI will tap into the P2E gaming segment that is mostly dominated by blockchain-based games.

Will GTA 6 Reward Players With Real Money? Here’s a Fact Check

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Rockstar Games has not confirmed that GTA 6 will reward players with real money in their bank accounts. The tweet made by the Web3 community builder was also fact-checked by X (formally Twitter). “Neither GTA 6 or Rockstar said that,” read the disclaimer Community Notes on X. The disclaimer also added, “The play-to-earn is also an old rumor, not a fact.”

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In conclusion, GTA 6 will not reward players with real money after completing the in-game missions. The rumors stemmed from social media and have no truth to the claims whatsoever. Read here to know how much in sales GTA VI could earn on the first day of its release.

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The first trailer of GTA VI will be released on December 5, 7 PM ET. The gaming world is anticipating the release of the trailer. The previous installment GTA 5 released in 2013 and the next franchise’s trailer will be out tomorrow after a decade. The upcoming game has brought in a fresh round of enthusiasm in the gaming community.