GTA 6 Trailer Launch: 15 Million PlayStation 5 Consoles Sold in 2023

Vinod Dsouza
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A total of 14.8 million PlayStation 5 consoles were sold in 2023 before Rockstar Games announced the trailer launch of GTA 6. Rockstar Games announced that the trailer of the most-anticipated game GTA 6 will be released in early December 2023. The gaming world is excited about the announcement and is now counting the days for the trailer launch.

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Speculations are that GTA 6 will be released for the Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox first, and later the PC. However, the latest data indicates that PlayStation 5 consoles have been flying off the shelves in 2023 with record sales.

PlayStation 5 is the most sought-after gaming console this year beating Xbox and other devices in 2023. The sales of PlayStation 5 are expected to boost after the trailer of GTA 6 is out in December next month.

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Around 1,700 PlayStation 5 Devices Sold Per Hour Before GTA 6 Trailer Announcement

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A total of 14,857,311 PlayStation 5 consoles were sold worldwide between January to October 2023. March saw the highest sales of about 1.89 million consoles being sold across the world. Below is the chart of Sony PlayStation 5 consoles’ record number of sales every month in 2023.

January: 1,293,212
February: 1,795,793
March: 1,898,817
April: 1,221,162
May: 1,447,179
June: 1,465,989
July: 1,244,882
August: 1,489,888
September: 1,771,955
October: 1,228,434

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Therefore, 14,857,311 (14.8 million) PlayStation 5 consoles were sold this year in 2023 even before GTA 6 trailer launch. The average sales per hour stands at 1,696 units, while the average sales per day is at 40,705. However, it remains to be a mystery if Sony plans to work on PlayStation 6 before GTA 6’s release.

The actual release date for GTA 6 remains unknown but rumors suggest the game could be out in 2025. The previous installment GTA 5 was released in 2013 and it has been a decade since Rockstar Games did not push the next franchise out.