GTA 6: Rockstar To Launch in-Game Cryptocurrency Called ‘RSTAR’?

Vinod Dsouza
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Speculations are rife that Rockstar Games could incorporate an in-game cryptocurrency payment mechanism in the upcoming GTA 6 franchise. The gaming studio announced on Wednesday that the first trailer of GTA 6 will be released in early December next month. Rumors are now doing the rounds that the in-game cryptocurrency in GTA 6 could be named RSTAR, which denotes Rockstar.

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GTA 6: The RSTAR Cryptocurrency

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The RSTAR cryptocurrency could be added to the player’s account after completing missions from anonymous billionaires. The game will use both cash and cryptocurrencies ushering into a new era in the digital assets industry. Billionaires in the game missions want to remain anonymous and therefore, resort to using cryptocurrencies as payments, according to rumors.

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Blockchain technology has no KYC, making it easier to remain untraceable and anonymous from the authorities despite illegal activities. The development sets the stage for a perfect story mode for the usage of in-game cryptocurrencies RSTAR.

However, these are rumors only and Rockstar Games has not confirmed if they will introduce cryptocurrencies in the installment. We will have to wait and watch for the trailer or the game’s release to fully know the truth. Nonetheless, if GTA 6 does include cryptocurrencies, it will be a game changer as it could add many more developments.

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Also, GTA 6 is forecasted to earn $1 billion from worldwide sales on the first day of its release. The predecessor, GTA 5 earned $1 within three days of its release a decade ago back in 2013. The upcoming franchise is expected to break its record and achieve the feat within 24 hours of its release.

However, the release date of Grand Theft Auto VI remains to be unknown. Several gaming pages on social media claim that the game could be released in December 2024 or Q2 of 2025.