Here’s How Many Businesses Accepted Shiba Inu as Payment in March 2022

Vinod Dsouza
shiba inu
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Shiba Inu is being accepted as a form of payment by businesses around the world. In March 2022 alone, SHIB was accepted by 9 different individual firms ranging from coffee shops to medical institutions. Two large payment companies also integrated and extended the token’s presence on their gateway for many other companies to accept it as legal payment.

Here’s the List of Businesses that Accepted Shiba Inu in March 2022 Alone

  1. Ambulance Service in Turkey

An ambulance service in Turkey named Vita Plus announced exclusively to Watcher Guru that they accept Shiba Inu as payment. The service is valid for international patient transfers at the moment, confirmed a spokesperson from the company. Turkey is potentially seeing a SHIB adaptation as former Economy Minister Mustafa Elitaş held a meeting with the Shiba community. Nonetheless, the outcome of the meeting is not made public and is kept under wraps.

  1. Venezuelan Doctor Accepts SHIB

A doctor in Venezuela spoke exclusively to Watcher Guru confirming that his clinic is accepting Shiba Inu as payment. SHIB can be paid by patents for both online and in-person consultation, he revealed. At present, Shiba Inu is the only crypto being accepted at the clinic and might see additions in the coming months.

  1. Tennessee-based Mattress Store

Beds To Go, a mattress store in Tennessee said exclusively to Watcher Guru that they accept SHIB on their checkout page. “We are excited to offer our customers a wide variety of cryptocurrency payment options including new exciting tokens like Shiba Inu,” said the owner. The store also accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, HEX among others. However, the service is applicable for customers in the United States only. The store will not ship products outside the US.

4. Coffee Landia in Venezuela

An online coffee store named ‘Coffee Landia‘ announced they will accept Shiba Inu on their checkout page. The freshly brewed coffee will also be shipped to customers around the world. Apart from SHIB, Coffee Landia also accepts Bitcoin and USDT as legal payments. “We accept Shiba Inu as a payment method in addition to other cryptos because we have noticed how it has seen significant growth in the world of crypto,” said the founder exclusively to Watcher Guru.

  1. CANAÁN Clinic in Venezuela

Venezuela-based CANAÁN clinic announced they accept Shiba Inu as a form of payment. The clinic also accepts an array of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Binance, Solana, Cardano, among others. This is the second clinic to have accepted SHIB this month.

  1. Nutrymet in Spain

A nutrition and medicine firm in Spain revealed that it accepts Shiba Inu as payment for its services. From the medical field to everyday coffee firms and now nutritionists, SHIB is being accepted far and wide.

  1. Churrería La Antigua in Spain

A cafe’ in Spain named Churreria La Antigua, which is famous for mouthwatering Churros announced they are accepting SHIB. The joint is also locally famous for its delicious burgers, and customers get to explore a menu of Mexican delicacies.

8. Eastern Gray Insurance LLC in Texas, USA

Texas and Florida-based Eastern Gray Insurance LLC accept SHIB as a payment method for its customers. An insurance agent from the firm, Elyoby, highlighted on his Twitter page that the company is accepting the token. He’s also a firm believer that SHIB will cross the 1 Cent mark with widespread adaptation.

  1. $499 Down Now- Car Dealer in New Jersey

Car dealers from New Jersey ‘$499 Down Now’ announced it is accepting the whole ecosystem SHIB, Bone, and Leash as payment. From the United States to Venezuela and Turkey, Shiba Inu is being accepted around the globe by various businesses.

Source: Ahmed Fazary, Twitter

10. NOWPayments (Institutional)

NOWPayments has announced its extending its services to many other companies to accept SHIB as a payment service. This month they also announced a new feature to ‘burn’ SHIB and Leash as an optional feature. The company is also encouraging other businesses to start accepting Shiba Inu to increase their sales and generate profits.

  1. PayBolt (Institutional)

PayBolt created a web3 portal payment gateway making it easier for SHIB holders to purchase goods in exchange for the token. The portal enables customers to buy coffee, dinner, clothes, electronics, among others using SHIB.

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