Here’s the ‘sickening’ Tinder twist by Kwon for Terra

Lavina Daryanani
Source: Nerds Chalk

FatManTerra‘ has been providing back-to-back updates about everything happening on the Terraform Labs team. Last week, the user tweeted the missing pages of the chat logs and revealed that the Telegram ‘war room’ chat log was provided to him by an anonymous source. The same user took Twitter to bring to light another twist to Terra.

Utter chaos

FatManTerra began his latest thread by explicitly stating,

“Tensions are rising, and the large sharks are smelling blood.”

After briefly outlining the issues and proposals on the plate, the thread revealed that several disagreements had led to fights in the group chat. FatManTerra brought to light a particular instance—the interaction between Nexus and Stader, who were “fighting for a piece of the pie” concerning the proposed distribution models.

In the said exchange, Stader had asked a direct question about the emergency fund entitlement, but his query was skirted around. Bringing to light the deviation, FatManTerra’s tweet noted,

“…as you can see, greed is rife, and the immediate goal of getting builders back on their feet is not being thought about in the right way.”

Kwon’s semi-joke idea: Tinder x Terra

FatManTerra further highlighted that Do Kwon, at several points to date, has shoehorned his preferences. He has time and again asked protocol builders to “shut up” due to their conflicts of interest. He has also ended up stating that he is free of them, but has never specifically spoken about his conflicts.

Opining on the chaotic internal state, FatManTerra said,

“Terra 2 may succeed as a truly community-owned chain, but it appears TFL is hell-bent on making sure this doesn’t happen. I hope things change, but multiple builders are reporting that the chat is in complete disarray and there is a lot of pent up resentment towards Do”

Kwon also went to the extent of cracking jokes in the name of proposing ideas. As can be seen from below, Kwon had put forward a Tinder-style earn mechanism involving right swipes. To shield himself, nonetheless, he labeled the said idea as a “semi joke”.

Source: Twitter

FatManTerra concluded by stating that it was “sickening” of Do Kwon to even come up with such a proposal during times of distress where people are legit counting on the LFG refund to survive.

“While I love a good joke, I also find it sickening that Do Kwon has the ability to act this chipper after people have literally died at his hands.”