Here’s what Shiba Inu is doing ‘right’ & others are getting it ‘wrong’

Lavina Daryanani
Source: Gifinity Esports

Towards the end of November, Shiba Inu had collaborated with William David Volk, the game creator and former Vice President of Technology at Activision, to consult on its play-to-earn non-fungible token game.

The game originally dubbed the Oshiverse is set to be the newest and most notable extension to the Shiba Inu ecosystem. Shytoshi Kusama, the project leader of the decentralized meme coin, shared had then shared details with regard to the said development towards the end of November via an article titled “The Future of Gaming is Shib.”

SHIB doing it the “right” way

Quite recently, Nathan Bosia, who has been in the video game industry for 25 years, partnered with AAA publishers and one person indies, launched the first in-game currency on PlayStation, and typically put God of War’s Kratos into Mortal Kombat, took Twitter to share his insight about how to integrate NFTs into games. He explicitly stated,

“You shouldn’t.”

Interestingly, David Volk was on the same page as Bosia. After highlighting how others from the space are “doing it wrong,” he highlighted that SHIB wasn’t. Replying to the same tweet, Volk said,

I’ve been in the video game industry for over 40 years. Former VP of Technology at Activision. Technical production of the first CD-ROM game Co-designer of the first iPhone game. You are right, they are doing NFT games wrong. We (#SHIB aren’t).

Volk has taken pride in the project that Shiba Inu has been developing ever since the beginning. During his initial days, he had once stated that it would become “one of the most significant games of all time.”

Well, that shouldn’t be taken lightly because Volk is no ordinary game developer. He’s a true visionary, who has decades of top-notch high-quality experience on, both, the corporate side and on the independent side.

The Oshiverse was, as such, first touted on 14 October, when Shytoshi said he had met with a potential game studio to discuss launching a SHIB-based game. The following day, he had described the meeting as “fantastic.”

Well, Shiba Inu has indeed come a long way and has already begun steering away from its meme-coin label by working on projects that aim to provide some solid utility. With projects like SHI and the Dog Park included in the vision for Shiba Inu, it is pretty much on track to become a thriving crypto-ecosystem with real uses.