Here’s why Wendy’s gave its metaverse a Jamaican touch

Sahana Kiran
Source – Pixabay

Move aside real world! The metaverse is the future. Big or small, entities from all over the world have been veering into this futuristic digital world. Some even consider it to be as revolutionary as the internet itself. As the amalgamation of the physical and the digital world occurs, Wendy’s an international fast-food chain did not want to be left behind.

But there’s a catch. Unlike other American firms, Wendy’s decided to file a trademark application for ‘Wendyverse’ in Jamaica. While this may be perplexing considering its prominent presence in the United States, trademark attorney, Josh Gerben pointed out why Wendy’s took its metaverse application to Jamaica.

Gerben noted that the firm had filed for a trademark application in Jamaica for Wendyverse back on 10 March 2022 itself. However, the US trademark application for its metaverse was filed just last week. This extended process reportedly occurred so that the firm could hide its plans to roll out the Wendyverse. Gerben explained,

Further banking on this treaty, Wendy’s managed to reserve a priority date for its trademark filling in the US. The process was eased as the fast-food giant did not have to actually formulate a trademark filling.

Why would Wendy’s choose Jamaica of all countries? Unlike in other countries, the online trademark database in Jamaica is secured. No one is allowed to search through the fillings. Since Wendy’s wanted to keep this update under the wraps, Jamaica was a suitable option for the firm.

So what can one expect from Wendy’s metaverse?

Wendy’s metaverse entails an array of interactive specs. From games to ordering food and garnering rewards, Wendyverse is sure to garner a significant crowd. In the virtual restaurant, visitors can order their very own virtual fries and other food. The Wendyverse Partnership Plaza is home to several Wendy’s-centric games.

Additionally, these games have a touch on the real world as well. Players can reportedly earn discounts in the physical stores. From Sausages to Bacon and even Egg and Cheese Biscuit can all be secured for just one dollar.