Snoop Dogg veers into Cardano with his NFTs

Sahana Kiran
Source – Clay Nation Twitter

Will Cardano [ADA] get as high as Snoop Dogg? It most likely will. Thanks to this collaboration.

The NFT market has revolutionized the crypto industry and almost every other sector. The celebrity presence in the market was elevated following the NFT fervor. The industry perhaps has more celebrity audiences than this year’s controversial Oscars. While most of them sell their digitized item and wander off the space, Snoop Dogg seemed to be engaging in new collaborations. The Cardano network seems to have caught the rapper’s eye.

An NFT project called Clay Nation revealed that it had rolled out NFTs following a collaboration with Champ Medici and Snoop Dogg. This partnership included an array of additions to Cardano like clay animations, unlockable music content along with land pitches.

This association was formed days before the aforementioned announcement. Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson and Snoop Dogg appeared in a Twitter space. During their conversation, they discussed an array of things that included music, NFTs, and the Cardano ecosystem as well.

Only today, Clay Nation decided to officially take the NFTs to the Cardano network. It seems like this collection was a big hit. Clay Nation affirmed that there was a high demand for mint.

Despite the hours-long waiting time, individuals were veering into the platform.

Cardano use cases take off but price remains in a slump

The above-seen collaboration is proof of how Cardano was amassing a prominent following. With an array of developments in place, the price of the altcoin is naturally expected to surge. However, unlike the expectation of the community, ADA was dancing to the tunes of the market sentiment.

With the entire market painted in red, Cardano mirrored this notion. During press time, the altcoin was dropping by nearly 8 percent over the previous 24-hours. Additionally, ADA was trading below $1 precisely for $0.9598. The last couple of days weren’t too eventful for the altcoin as it dipped by 21 percent.