Hex Pumps 20% in 7-Days: Is PulseChain Launch Nearing?

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Hex started 2023 on the front foot and remains on the greener side of the spectrum. The crypto spiked 10% on Thursday reaching $0.022 and is up nearly 20% since the last seven days. Hex is attracting heavy bullish sentiments after a recent interview at the ‘HexConference‘ with influencer Mati Allin. The founder Richard Heart spoke extensively about issues plaguing the crypto markets and was asked about the launch of PulseChain.

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Heart explained that PulseChain is currently under work but did not give out a tentative release date for the layer-1 network. Here’s what Heart said when asked about the launch of PulseChain: “The software development on PulseChain is going great. I’m seeing screenshots of a staking launchpad for V3. So like, V3 is so close, it’s close”.

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However, a launch date for PulseChain is not confirmed and we’ll have to wait for official statements about its release.

The conference added fresh enthusiasm among investors making Hex shoot up in price in the last two days. In addition, whales are taking an entry position on the token, and ‘staking’ experienced a spike during early January.

All these developments pushed Hex up in the indices leading to double-digit growth on Thursday.

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Hex Investors Eagerly Wait For PulseChain Launch

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Hex is arguably the only crypto that doubled in price every 48 days since its inception in December 2019. It doubled in price 13 consecutive times up until September 2021, when it reached its all-time high of $0.55. Nonetheless, the crypto slipped backward since then and added an extra ‘zero’ in the indices never to recover again.

Hexicans believe PulseChain could replicate Hex’s performance and deliver similar results post its launch. Therefore, thousands of investors are eager for PulseChain to hit the markets as they believe it could satisfy their financial aspirations. Whether PLS will repeat Hex’s feat after launch, only time will tell.

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At press time, Hex was trading at $0.022 and is up 10.1% in the 24 hours day trade. It is down 95.91% from its all-time high of $0.55, which it reached in September 2021.