How Axie Infinity Company Earns Money


The gaming industry is continually growing, and others have embraced the NFTs in their operations. The trade of cryptocurrency in games is, thus, gaining momentum. However, what is this gaming company, and how do you earn money with it?

What is Axie Infinity?

This is one of the blockchain games, and Sky Mavis developed the company. With the recent trend of applying crypto even in games, it is not left behind. It allows its players to play and earn money as a reward for contributing to their economy.

Unfortunately, their players can’t get the game through an app but must download it online only. However, there is some good news since plans of providing a free-to-play version are underway.

The practice of allowing players to earn real money is the new trend, thanks to NFTs and crypto.

How Does Axie Infinity Company Earn Money?

With this new trend, there are parties which benefit; the game developers, owners and the players. So, how do the Axie Infinity Company, developers and owners earn from the game? There is no doubt they have to get revenue too.

For every NFT that is sold in their marketplace, the developers of Axie Infinity get 4.25%. This, therefore, means that whenever a player trades Axies on their marketplace, there is a fee charged. Moreover, monster-breeding is another source of revenue for them since they charge a fee on it too. A portion of this amount then goes to the developers and the owner of the game.

Therefore, it means that Axie Infinity earns an increased amount of money with an increase in the number of players who join their game.

How Players Earn Money 

Axie Infinity offers a game similar to Pokemon, with monsters referred to as Axies but different in how they are obtained.

So, as a player, how do you earn money? You might be curious. First, before you start playing the game, you will have to pay an initial cost of around $1,500. Also, note that since there is no app providing the game yet, you must get it online to download it.

The three main ways through which you can earn money include;

Farming and selling smooth love potions (SLP) to the market. Remember, this is the simplest way, and it depends on the prevailing market prices. You can use any of the three methods; fighting enemies, competing against other players, or through your completing daily quests. You can have up to 100-200 SLP per day, which translates to around $48.

You can breed Axies since each of their offspring have unique characteristics.

You can earn an Axie infinity scholarship, where you can fight a maximum of three Axies in the game, then the more you obtain more of them, you can give them out to others then have them play on your team. This way, they farm the SLP for you. Among the three, this is the most common among those gaming with Axie.

What is the Future of NFT in Video Games?

Since gaming companies like Axie Infinity have embraced NFT and cryptocurrency and have provided room for their players to make real money while playing their games, what does the future hold? Unfortunately, this is an issue that is still unclear and unpredictable.

This trend can either be part of the gaming industry or simply fade away without any trace. The good thing is, as much as its future is this unclear, the gaming companies like Axie Infinity can make the most of their current opportunity. Let them keep using crypto so that both parties benefit, the companies and the players too. The gaming industry, thus, is an area to earn money.

Have Fun and Make money 

With the opportunity of playing video games and earning money, why not play games with Axie Infinity? The returns might be worth it.