Here’s How Much Top Cryptos Are Down Today From their All-Time Highs

Vinod Dsouza
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The cryptocurrency market is experiencing a bloodbath today as all top cryptos are trading in deep red. Bitcoin plummeted to $35,700 and is now -7% in the day trade. Fears are looming that BTC might slip further and reach $34,000 during the weekend. Many coins have plunged double digits today and reached new monthly lows. Investors of all tokens are mostly underwater at the moment with no signs of a possible recovery. There are fears that the market might take some time to claw back and force investors to hold on to their assets for a longer period.

Also, today’s crash has wiped out all profits generated in 2021 leaving investors high and dry. The market started on the backfoot this year and has remained the same for close to five months now. There are no signs of a bull run anywhere on the horizon and investors are mostly losing money in every trade.

Also, $410 million was liquidated from the cryptocurrency market in the past 24-hours, which eventually led to the market crash.

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Here’s How Much Top Cryptos Are Down From Their All-Time Highs

Bitcoin $BTC -48.1%

Ethereum $ETH -45.1%

Binance $BNB -45.3%

Ripple $XRP -82.4%

Terra $LUNA -33.1%

Solana $SOL -68.7%

Cardano $ADA -74.7%

Decentraland $MANA -75.9%

PolkaDot $DOT -74.3%

Avalanche #AVAX -61.1%

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The Hardest Hit Tokens


Cryptos such as Ripple, Decentraland, Cardano, PolkaDot, and Solana are among the hardest hit today in the indices. The cryptos had a decent run last year but shed all its profits in 2022. They’re down more than 68% from their all-time highs and might slip further if the bear market continues.

Even Bitcoin and crypto tycoon Mike Novogratz predicted earlier this year that 2022 will be a difficult year for investors. He stated that the ‘fun’ element will no longer be associated with the market in 2022 and investors will have a tough time making money. His predictions have remained true up until today and might continue for many more months.

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“This will be a year where people realize being an investor is a difficult job,” Mike had previously tweeted.