How To Buy SupDucks NFTs


New Non-Fungible Token projects are sprouting daily. Some of them are very successful, like the 8888 PudgyPenguins that sold out in less than 20 minutes during their presale or the SupDucks that sold out in 48 hours.

Here is a brief description of what NFTs are, where, and how to buy these tokens.

What are SupDucks NFTs?

SupDucks is an NFT collection consisting of duck heads with unique combinations of characteristics.  

The SupDucks Non-Fungible Tokens were hand-drawn by artists from MegaVoltCorp. There are 10,000 SupDucks in total. The hand-drawn collection also consists of 10 Super Ducks, and they feature artistic references from the 90s. Aguilar’s fans on Twitter also inspired these NFTs.

SupDucks have 16 backgrounds, 18 skins, 38 different clothes, 38 hats, 27 mouths, and 27 eyes. 

Who Created the SuperDucks NFT Project? 

The project was founded by Latin-American artists and NFT entrepreneur Frankie Aguilar, also known as Frankynines.

Apart from Franky, the other team members behind the SupDucks NFT project include StronkWonk (execution), notanumber (development), Xiggalo (development), and 10xLuis (graphic engineer).

Aguilar revealed that his fans on Twitter inspired the NFT project.

How To Buy SupDucks NFTs

The SupDucks NFTs went on sale on the 16th of July and sold out within 48 hours. Each Duck was selling for 0.10 ETH. A triple Duck (pack with three subjects) costs 0.70 ETH/ 0.07 per Duck. These Duck NFTs are no longer available on the project’s website but can be purchased on the OpenSea market.

The rarity of each SupDuck is determined by the combination of a variety of backgrounds, different skins, clothes, eyes, and mouths.

To purchase these NFTs, you need some Ethereum SupDuck NFTs that can be bought on coinbase or directly from the Metamask wallet. Users acquire their Ducks shortly after the transaction. Every Duck is genetically constructed for the moment a transaction is sent. The SupDucks NFT team used a non-chain set of traits and random numbers. After just a few minutes, hatching begins.

How to Buy SupDucks on the OpenSea Platform

OpenSea is a leading marketplace for NFTs.

One has to have a cryptocurrency wallet that can interact with decentralized applications (dapps) to use OpenSea.

Other than letting you sell NFTs on the secondary market, the platform allows you to create your own original NFT and sell them on the primary level. The OpenSea market charges lower than most marketplaces. 

OpenSea does not charge you for “minting,” although the platform may charge you to activate other currencies, or auction types. They do, however, charge you a 2.5% fee on the final sale price and you can also edit your collection and set up a royalty on resales of your non-fungible tokens.

OpenSea allows you to interact directly with others on the blockchain, but you will require a wallet to help you turn your actions in the browser into transactions on the blockchain. An example of a Crypto wallet is Metamask.

Metamask is an Ethereum wallet that allows you to store NFTs and other Ethereum based tokens, like DAI and Ether. The app generates passwords and keys on your device, so only you have access to your accounts and data.


Investing in the Crypto market is a personal decision but before making any step, do thorough research and understand what you’re getting into.