How to Fix Axie Infinity Recaptcha Error: Captcha Invalid Error


Playing the Axie infinity game on your PC is much more enjoyable than playing on your mobile handset. Axie Infinity is a creation of the Sky Mavis based on the NFTs. Axie Infinity allows players to buy tokens by battling monsters and other players on the platform arena.

Besides being an enjoyable game to play, it also allows players to socialize. As players play, they also earn some bonuses that they can either use to buy more Axies or withdraw and use them on other alternatives. The game has been earning a lot of money for players making it the most played game in crypto and gaming communities.

Axie infinity only operates online, and therefore, it is bound to have errors occurring every other time. Many players have lost money because of these errors and disconnections in the middle of the game. According to the players using PC, most of them are experiencing the Captcha Invalid error when trying to log in to their games.

The game uses Mavis Hub- the game launcher to start. When logging in, the player will be asked to verify that they are humans. This is where the error comes in.

What Brings About the Error?

Captcha Invalid Error

When the error occurs, the server should be the first thing to check most of the time. The servers, at times, can slow down because of the many players flocking in the game.

Axie has a limitation of the number of players joining the game simultaneously. Therefore if the restriction is overrun, the servers may break down, and the Captcher Error will appear.

How to Work Around Captcha Invalid Error

When you as a player face the Captcha Error, you can follow these simple steps to solve the error.

  • Switch off your Wi-Fi. This is because your Wifi might be slow or out of signal. You can switch it on later
  • Right-click on the Mavis Hub launcher shortcut on your PC. Click the compatibility button and uncheck the OS. Rerun the launcher as an admin
  • You can update your launcher. A new update version can remove the captcha errors and give you easy access to the game

Why Axie Has So Many Players

Axie Infinity is attracting so many players every other day. The game is so popular because of its fun and also a play to earn. The game is helping the players get bonuses and help them survive the tough times life gives, especially during the pandemic season that has been on for almost two years.

The other reason is the rise of guilds which allow the players to borrow Axies that help them get into the game online.

There are different types of guilds, such as Avocado guild, GuildFi, and YGG. By using the Guilds, players spend less money for Axies. The value of the Axie NFTs is investing by the day. The community also makes many players flock to Axie Infinity because of the activeness in promoting the game.