If Shiba Inu Hits $0.01, An Investment of $900 Could Fetch $1 Million

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Shiba Inu is at its lowest price this year as it added an extra ‘zero’ in May and is trading at $0.00000860. The steep fall is worrisome to SHIB holders as their investment is steadily declining in the last 30 days. However, new investors and holders who aim to accumulate during the dip are making the most out of the situation. Those who believe that Shiba Inu might hit $0.01 someday in the future, now get to accumulate SHIB tokens at its lowest price in 2023.

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In this article, we will highlight how a $900 investment today could turn to $1 million if Shiba Inu reaches $0.01. Nonetheless, there is no guarantee that SHIB could reach the 1-cent mark in the coming years or decades.

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Shiba Inu: How $900 Can Become $1 Million If SHIB Hits $0.01

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Shiba Inu is currently priced at $0.00000860 and is down 3.2% in the 24-hour day trade. Therefore, for an investment of $900, today could make investors accumulate 103,806,228 (103 million) SHIB tokens.

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The 103 million SHIB tokens purchased today for $900 could balloon to new highs when the markets enter the bull territory. If investors hold on to their portfolio for the long term and wait until SHIB reaches $0.01, they could make phenomenal gains.

If Shiba Inu reaches $0.01 someday, the 103,806,228 SHIB tokens purchased today for $900 could potentially be $1 million. That’s an uptick and returns on investment (ROI) of approximately 120,000% from today till the day it hits $0.01.

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In conclusion, an investment of $900 today when Shiba Inu is at $0.0.00000860 could get you 103 million SHIB tokens. The 103 million SHIB tokens could be worth $1 million on the day SHIB reaches $0.01. However, whether the token will ever reach the 1-cent mark is the million-dollar question that only the markets can answer. There is no guarantee that SHIB could get there someday in the future.