Shiba Inu: Investor Misses Making $1 Billion With $2,000 Investment in SHIB

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In what can be called the biggest loss of all time, a Shiba Inu investor missed making $1 billion with a $2,000 investment. The investor sold his SHIB holdings early and much before it began to rally between January to October 2021. The heartbroken investor cried on camera after realizing that he missed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a billionaire. Here’s the story about what just happened and why he didn’t make use of SHIB’s success.

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Shiba Inu: Investor Misses Making $1 Billion

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An investor purchased Shiba Inu during Q4 of 2020 just months after the token was launched in the markets. SHIB was trading at $0.000000000077295 (10 zeroes) at that time and the investor purchased $2,000 worth of tokens. He got the opportunity to accumulate 25 trillion SHIB tokens with just a mere $2,000 during its early days. He could have been a SHIB whale if he held the tokens today in 2023.

Nonetheless, fate had other plans and he missed the chance to turn into a billionaire in 10 months. SHIB began dipping in the indices in early January 2021 and the investor lost $373 the same week. The early SHIB investor faced a loss of 18.5% in nine days and panicked that it could fall further.

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When his $2,000 investment dipped and his portfolio fell to $1,627, his anxiety got the best of him. He finally decided to sell all his 25 trillion tokens for a loss and jumped ship on Shiba Inu.

Things turned the opposite direction a week after he panic-sold the 25 trillion SHIB tokens. Shiba Inu began skyrocketing in price and deleted six ‘zeroes’ from January to October 2021. Therefore, when SHIB reached its all-time high of $0.00008616 in October 2021, his $2,000 would have turned to $1 billion.

“I just got a message from a couple of mates and they told me that Shiba Inu has gone up 67 million percent since January. At that time I put $2,000 into it and I left it for a couple of weeks. It went down and I sold it for a loss.”

He added, “It turns out that would now be worth $1 billion if I hadn’t sold it.” The investor ended the video in a crying tone saying, “Now how to live with that?”

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