Is Ross Open on Easter?

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Ross Dress for Less
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The winter holiday season may be behind us, but the celebration is continuing for many as Easter is right around the corner. Taking place this Sunday, March 31st, the holiday has become one of the most popular in a plethora of countries. However, the presence of such a celebration makes business hours always a little tricky. Therefore, in this guide, we will answer if Ross is open on Easter.

There is always a lot of hecticness that coincides with the arrival of the holidays. With so many families around, there is often a rush to get everything that we need for the celebration, and make sure everyone involved is happy and accounted for. Yet, one of the most important aspects of that is the entire family ensuring that they look their best.

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In the United States particularly, there are few better and more affordable options than Ross Dress For Less. Often just referred to as Ross, the company allows its shoppers to acquire fashionable clothing for a fraction of the price they’d encounter at traditional boutiques.

Moreover, Ross has become a viable presence throughout the country. Indeed, the company boasts more than 1,700 locations throughout the United States. This means that, wherever you are located, you’re likely not far from a Ross store.

However, the presence of Easter would make any planned shopping rather difficult for many families. Therefore, let’s delve into the holiday hours and schedule for the clothing store. Moreover, we’ll answer if Ross is open on Easter Sunday.

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Is Ross Open on Easter

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As previously stated, Ross has emerged in popularity among the modern consumer. Its offering of highly fashionable attire at a very low cost has undoubtedly endeared it to shoppers in the modern economy. So, is it a destination that you can take the family during this upcoming holiday?

Unfortunately not, as Ross is not open on Easter. According to the most recent data, Ross locations are typically closed in observance of the holiday. This is predominately the case for most of the locations throughout the countries.

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However, it is still important for individuals to check with their local stores, as holiday hours can vary by location. Therefore we would highly recommend visiting Ross’s store locator, and seeing if their schedule differs from most.

Yet, it is still likely that the store is not operating on this day, as it appears to be consistent across all of the company’s locations. If you do have last-minute shopping that is necessary, stores like Walmart, Walgreens, Big Lots, Kroger, and more should be open and ready to serve the holiday crowd.