Is there an upside down to Stranger Things’ ‘insane’ & ‘bullshit’ NFTs?

Lavina Daryanani

NFT platform Candy Digital had tied up with Netflix to mark the release of Stranger Things’ fourth season by launching digital collectibles. The NFTs, as such, was launched last week, making it Candy’s first NFT collection outside of sports.

Candy had developed an online game that resembled the Stranger Things Universe that’s piloted by puzzles, and challenges from the season. There are a total of 11,111 collectibles that players can earn for free by participating. In fact, an additional collection is expected to be available for purchase later in the year.

Per the official announcement, there’d be four rounds, and each round would have a set of exclusive NFT rewards. 4,444 collectibles were dedicated for the first phase.

Source: Twitter

The honeymoon phase

Everything sounds good and seems to be exciting initially. As such, launching Stranger Things-themed NFTs fairly seems to be strategic because the youth from various demographics is the show’s main audience. Advertently, pretty much the same age group accounts for the biggest chunk of NFT collectors.

Initially, people were excited and were trying to figure out how the whole process works.

Eventually, around 4,700 players earned a free NFT poster of El, the protagonist, by playing the mystery game that involved a virtual Stranger Things themed lab. A particular user shared on Twitter that he had completed solving the third puzzle and the same was probably the “hardest one” that he had accomplished.

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The upside-down: When things start to get real

Not all watchers of the show are happy with the decision of launching Stranger Things-themed NFTs. A particular “disappointed” user ended up calling it “trash” and asked the team to “do better.” He tweeted,

“I deeply love Stranger Things, but I’m profoundly disappointed that Netflix decided it’d be a good idea to run an NFT grift on its fans. I’d love to play the games and solve the mysteries like the ARG for season three, but no. I’m not going anywhere near this trash. Do better.”

Another user didn’t hesitate from calling the whole NFT idea “insane” and “bullshit.”

Alongside the negative reactions, it should also be noted Candy’s hands are not all that clean, for the game hasn’t been all that smooth. Players have been experiencing glitches every now and then. A frustrated user tweeted:

Despite the mixed reactions received, things are going on per schedule. This week’s new round of the minigame is live and is called “I AM HELL’S MASTER.” Successfully solving puzzles would open up the doors for players to earn one of the four free NFT posters of characters Mike Wheeler, Jonathan Byers, Will Byers, or Argyle.