‘It’s okay to Make Mistakes in an Industry that is emerging’: SafeMoon CEO John Karony At AIBC Speech

Vinod Dsouza
SafeMoon CEO John Karony wins the 'Crypto Community of the Year' 2021 AIBC Awards in Malta

SafeMoon won the prestigious AIBC ‘Crypto Community of the Year’ 2021 Award which was held in Malta. The award has rejuvenated the community and brought in a fresh hope and enthusiasm.

John Karony, CEO of SafeMoon walked up on stage to collect the award and gave a speech about the token. He spoke extensively about what SafeMoon has achieved in seven months and shed light on its future prospects.

He also called SafeMoon a ”tech company” and they’re working in tandem with a ”rapidly changing environment”. Karony stood in the backdrop of a ‘slide’ that read ‘Perfection is a journey – Not a destination’. He said that ”It’s okay to make mistakes and its okay to make mistakes in an industry that is emerging.”

Karony also stated that the blockchain technology is still an emerging tech and we’ve only scratched the surface of it. He acknowledged the failure in delivering the SafeMoon Wallet on time and revealed that he learnt valuable lessons from it. Karony also said that SafeMoon is ”Not a meme-coin but is a tech company”.

He confirmed he would no longer give a timeline in releasing a product but will make it hit the market after completion.

”I don’t give out timelines anymore. We had a good lesson to learn when it came to our wallet launch. Its no secret we missed it by two weeks but the main takeaway there is- If you build something great, nobody is going to care, they’re going to forget. If you release something that is not great, they’ll never forgive you, they won’t forget and you won’t get a second chance. So take the time you need to release a good product.”

The pictures of Karony holding the award went viral on Twitter as investors believe the development could benefit its price. Therefore the coin is up +3.6% in the days trade post the speech.

SafeMoon: The Buzz on Social Media

Winning the AIBC ‘Crypto Community of the Year’ Award made the SafeMoon community trend on Twitter. Investors poured in their congratulatory messages appreciating John Karony for his work and guiding the token to new pathways.

Karony stressed in the victory speech about the need for countries to mass adopt the blockchain technology. He spoke about his experience visiting Gambia and how important the blockchain technology means to the future of the country.

At the time of publishing, SafeMoon was trading at $0.00000352 and is up 3.6% in the days trade.