Jim Cramer: You Can’t Kill Bitcoin, It’s Here to Stay

Joshua Ramos

Speaking on CNBC, television personality and economic analyst Jim Cramer stated that you can’t kill Bitcoin, as it’s here to stay. Moreover, Cramer called the digital asset a “reality” that many have to come to grips with. Additionally, labeling the token a “technological marvel” due to its constant perseverance. 

The statement arrives as Bitcoin has recently rallied above the $45,000 mark for the first time since 2022. Subsequently, many are expecting the impending approval of a Spot Bitcoin ETF to push the price even higher. Such an approval is likely to come early next week. 

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Jim Cramer Says Bitcoin is Here to Stay

Over the last year, the resurgence of Bitcoin has been one of the finance sector’s most interesting stories. Now, with a Spot Bitcoin ETF on the horizon, I could continue to surge. Amid the optimism it has faced, even the most arduous of combatants against its potential are beginning to change their tune.

Among them is none other than Jim Cramer, who told CNBC that “you can’t kill Bitcoin” while assuring the asset is “here to stay.” Indeed, Cramer’s comments referenced the unmitigated resilience that the digital asset has shown throughout the last year. Especially amid the consistent scrutiny of agencies like the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and its chair, Gary Gensler.

Jim Cramer
Source – CNBC

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“This thing is—you can’t kill it,” Cramer said of Bitcoin. “The late Charlie Munger, who was so brilliant on so many things, was blind to this.” Thereafter, he added that “people have to start recognizing that it’s here to stay,” while noting its “remarkable comeback that was unexpected.” 

Conversely, Cramer did say that Bitcoin’s success “doesn’t mean that every one of these [cryptocurrencies] is here to stay,” while noting BTC as the exception. Still, the prevailing thought is that its propulsion to $45,000 is not the end of its rally. Indeed, next week could have unprecedented gains in store for the token.