Kadena Coin Turned out to be a ‘Profit Generating Crypto’ Leaving No Investor Disappointed

Vinod Dsouza
kadena coin
Source: Coingecko

Kadena Coin (KDC) is dominating the crypto market in November and is among the highest performing asset of the month. The coin is up +25% in the 24-hours day trade giving investors abundant returns on their investment.

KDC takes the sweet top spot in the Crypto Bubbles and outweighed every other ‘talk of the town’ coins. Kadena is a hidden gem and only a few know about its existence. The coin is yet to hit mainstream and investors who took an early entry position are reaping all the profits.

Since the last 365-days trading, KDC has shot up +10,604.7%. Early investors took enormous profits and the coin is still delivering on a day-to-day basis with no signs of slowing down.

Watcher Guru in a pervious article had advised to ride the Kadena bull by its horns and our prediction turned out to be accurate. In the last one month, Kadena gave returns of +976.9%. Also, in the last 7-trading days, investors enjoyed profits of +206.4%.


KDC has turned out to be profit generating crypto leaving no investor disappointed. The coin is brimming with all its glory and is displaying extreme bullish sentiments.

Kadena is an unknown gem that is yet to hit mainstream. When the day of reckoning comes and the coin goes mainstream, early investors can expect to sit on sacks of cash.

Since close to a week, KDC is sitting at the top position of Crypto Bubbles leaving no room for other coins to take its place. The bull run is expected to continue as Kadena is attracting heavy buying pressure and less selling pressure. When the buying pressure increases, the price of a token propels to new weekly highs.

Is It Still A Good Time To Buy Kadena Coin?

Since the first week of November, KDC is rising $1 each and its momentum has not died down. The coin is expected to touch the $25 mark in the coming days and reach another all time high (ATH).

An entry position in Kadena needs to be carefully planned during the next dip. Also, KDC allows both long term and short term investors to trade as the coin has volatility giving ample room in terms of price to buy and sell.

Kedana at the time of publishing was trading at $21.37 and is up +21.6% in the 24-hours day trading. The coin is only 15.7% from its all time high of $25.34, which it reached close to two weeks ago.