LaHaus Is Now Accepting Bitcoin As Payment


As the name suggests, LabitHaus is a real estate company, “La House,” in Latin America. LaHaus is now accepting Bitcoin as payment. The leading prop-tech market leader is set to accept Bitcoin on Lightning and on-chain for homes through OpenNode.


OpenNode is a Bitcoin payment processor for any company or business. It allows businesses to send Bitcoin payouts and accept Bitcoin payments. It has an easy-to-use plugin infrastructure that has payment infrastructure APIs for developers.

LaHaus Pioneering In Real-Estate With Cryptocurrency

LaHaus is a real estate start-up company that aims to bring technologically-enabled services to real estate. The overseer of this new project is Jehudi Castro-Sierra, who is also the former vice-minister of the digital economy in Columbia will be LaHaus vice president.

The real estate company is pioneering cryptocurrency in real estate by embracing technology. LaHaus is transforming Latam housing markets by accepting Bitcoin using a fully integrated digital process in its monetary network.

Using OpenNode, LaHaus will also become more scalable in Colombia and Mexico. The market value of the company will also increase. LaHaus’s founders are two Stanford graduates, Jerónimo Uribe and Rodrigo Sánchez-Ríos, who founded the company on a small starting capital. 

With the acceptance of Bitcoin, the company will have over $1 billion as gross profit, pushing it to the top by December this year.

More Plans From LaHaus

LaHaus has focused on making homeownership affordable and accessible to millions of Americans, especially in Latin America. According to LaHaus, Bitcoin can help solve some housing problems local currency presents when buying a home. The two worlds, Bitcoin and Real -Estate match perfectly.

It will encourage instant and less costly transactions rather than the traditional methods, which are expensive and require many unnecessary processes to complete payment. 

Bitcoin also serves as a means of fraud prevention; how? We do not know yet.

Real Estate and Bitcoin

The use of Bitcoin as a purchase method by Real Estate agencies such as LaHaus is a perfect example of Bitcoin’s positive use case. It also shows the growth and acceptance of cryptocurrency. OpenNode confirms this by saying it is delighted to work with LaHaus; the future is secure with cryptocurrency.

 Bitcoin Adoption And Acceptance

The last quarter, Q4, is the most bullish season of Bitcoin. Many companies are embracing Bitcoin, and there is more acceptance of the crypto coin than ever before. Infusing Bitcoin into housing is simply a start. Many housing companies are likely to follow suit, therefore, increasing the use of the coin. 

The truth is, Bitcoin might hit the $98k prediction mark with such positive news every day. The coin, which is currently at $68k, is continually hitting new ATHs with each positive Bitcoin news in the market. Acceptance and adoption of Bitcoin also helps push its price upward.

Companies Like LaHaus are Transforming The Crypto Space

Truth is, companies like LaHau are a miracle to the cryptocurrency space. Embracing the new technology is a risky move that shows the open-mindedness of many investors towards Bitcoin.

LaHaus will genuinely transform America. It will also gain interest rates higher by accepting Bitcoin because Bitcoin’s price keeps rising yearly. Therefore it is also a form of investment for the company, just like TESLA bought and is holding.