Man Invests $10,000 in Cryptocurrency, Earns $3 Million in 30 Minutes

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In what can be called the greatest trade of 2024, a cryptocurrency investor put in $10,000 and earned $3 million. The trade was completed in just 30 minutes making the investor turn into a millionaire in the shortest period possible. This is what dreams are made of and the investor turned the dream into reality this month.

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Cryptocurrency Investor Turns $10,000 Into $3 Million in Just 30 Minutes

baked cryptocurrency
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So how did the investor turn $10,000 into $3 million in 30 minutes? Well, the investor took an entry position into BAKED cryptocurrency on July 1, 2024, purchasing 70 Solana (SOL) for under $10,000. The investor swapped the Solana tokens to BAKED and accumulated 82 million tokens.

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Just 30 minutes after buying BAKED cryptocurrency, an investor sold it for 21,581 Solana (SOL). This means that the investor made $3 million in the cryptocurrency in less than an hour after purchasing it. Leading on-chain metrics firm Lookonchain was the first to dish out the transaction on the blockchain.

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However, doubts arise if the investor is an insider or a genuine trader who just got lucky. Investors use the cryptocurrency ‘snipping’ method and buy tokens just hours before it gets listed and open for trading. This gives them the leverage of being a step ahead before other investors begin to purchase the tokens. BAKED saw a listing on the Bitget platform opening the floodgates to new investors.

There are several other stories where cryptocurrency investors just got lucky and made millions in a short period. While these stories are promising, there are only a handful of them that actually made it. The majority of holders have lost money in the markets and only dream of making it big. Luck favors a few while the others mostly face the wrath of the broader cryptocurrency market.