Mark Cuban’s Dogecoin pitch to Twitter might be the solution for spambots

Sahana Kiran
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Following Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, an array of individuals have come forward with suggestions for the social media platform’s makeover. American billionaire, Mark Cuban jumped onto the bandwagon and shared his two cents about including Dogecoin to contest Twitter’s crypto spambots. It seems like his opinion was well received by the community as well as Twitter’s new captain.

Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover had the Dogecoin community more excited than anyone else. Musk has time and again expressed his inclination towards the meme coin. As a result, the world knew that DOGE would be a part of Musk’s ventures. While he seems to be still finding his way around including the crypto in Twitter, Mark Cuban pitched his idea.

Most of them were happy with Mark Cuban’s latest tweet. Elon Musk himself suggested that it wasn’t a bad idea.

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The backlash, however, followed suit. Several in the community began calling out Musk and Mark Cuban for trying to keep Dogecoin relevant for arbitrary reasons. One Bitcoin holder even urged Musk to dismiss his efforts of trying to make Dogecoin money. He suggested that it was nothing and never would be more than a mere meme.

Will Musk use Dogecoin to monetize Twitter?

Few others started talking about how the inclusion of DOGE or any other crypto would force people to pay for a service that was free all this while. However, in Musk’s pitch to the banks, he reportedly mentioned that he would be charging a fee to third-party websites that intend to employ tweets from verified profiles. In addition to this, he would also try to pocket money from viral tweets.

Some of them even pointed out that DOGE was a bad option for the social media platform. The fact that the OG meme crypto had failed to hit $1 seemed to be a major concern. Additionally, the number of Dogecoin active addresses had also taken a serious plummet since March 2022.

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During press time the number of active addresses was at 43.811k. This was significantly dainty compared to the high of 748.8k addresses it recorded in March.

While Musk’s next move is highly unpredictable, the chances of Dogecoin bagging a spot on Twitter were high despite its shortcomings.