McDonald’s Replies to Shiba Inu Holder Asking to Pay For Burgers and Fries through SHIB

Vinod Dsouza
McDonald's replies about accepting Shiba Inu as payment

Shiba Inu is the talk of the town lately as most businesses are adopting it as a form of payment. From AMC Theatres to Shiba Coffee Company and newly constructed apartments in Brazil, SHIB is being accepted by these firms.

McDonald’s tweet about their $0.63 Egg McMuffins and captioned it, ”$0.63 egg mcmuffins this thurs only on the app. How are you celebrating?” The series included four different types of mouth-watering burgers that is too hard to resist.

However, a Shiba Inu holder replied to the tweet asking McDonald’s to accept SHIB as payment. ”Accept SHIB for payment, please,” tweeted the SHIB holder. McDonald’s quickly responded to his tweet saying, ”We appreciate hearing your interest and continuously evaluate the payments experience.”

The fast food joint did not straightaway confirm or refute his favourite payment option. They stated that they always evaluate all forms of payment and even SHIB might be on the cards. You never know, sometime in the future, people can purchase their favourite food in McDonald’s and pay through Shiba Inu.

McDonald’s is a company that usually thinks forward and it wouldn’t come as a surprise if they accept SHIB. From making people order food and pay through kiosks, McDonald’s has always been a leader in trying new technology.

Nonetheless, the conversation between the two gained steam and was retweeted several times. Memes about Shiba Inu and McDonald’s joining hands are now doing the rounds all over social media. The ‘Shib Mac’ and ‘McShib’ are among the ‘food meme’ options that’s raking in all the likes.

The SHIB community has made sure that their favourite token gets noticed among the top companies around the world. The community is so vibrant and has always made their voice heard that even top firms reply to SHIB tweets.

The Shiba Inu Community

The Shiba Inu community is strikingly different from the other crypto communities. They don’t bring down other tokens to make their voice heard and respect other coins equally. They know that everyone are in to to make their financial life better and believe cryptos can lead them to better prospects.

In addition, the SHIB community usually educates others on why ‘Shiba Inu could be the best choice of investment’. They provide valuable insights on how the coin can scale and bring in better returns on investment (ROI). This has brought in many new and first-time investors into their fold with the hopes of ‘making it’.

Shiba Inu at the time of publishing was trading at $0.00004369 and is down -7.53% in the 24-hours day trade.