YooShi Token Spreads Awareness on ‘Angelman Syndrome’ Disease through ‘Smile Challenge’ Campaign

Vinod Dsouza
YooShi Token spreads awareness on Angelman Syndrome through Smile Challenge campaign

YooShi Token is a crypto with a cause and is helping spread awareness about Angelman Syndrome that’s plaguing newborns. The disease is a complex genetic disorder that primarily affects the nervous system in the human body.

Children with the syndrome suffer from delayed speech impairment, intellectual disability, delayed development and have problems with movement and balance.

Investors from all around the world are doing their part by sending selfies to spread awareness about the illness. YooShi Token started the ‘Smile Challenge’ and urged investors to participate to raise awareness about the disease.

YooShi announced they would donate 5,000,000 YooShi Coins to the ‘Angel Syndrome Charity Fund Pool’ for each picture they receive. Moreover, each participant would receive 1,000,000 YooShi Coins for sending across their picture.

The Smile Challenge is simple. All participants have to do is hold a placard with the word ‘Smile’ or ‘Smile Challenge’ written on it. Participants can send their pictures to YooShi’s Twitter handle or share it using the hashtag #SmileChallenge. YooShi’s official Twitter handle will also retweet the image thanking participants for their gesture.

”YooShi will allocate 5,000,000 YOOSHI from the charity account to the Angel Syndrome Charity Fund Pool with every participant joining the smile challenge, the fund pool will be used for Angel Syndrome charity program through Binance Charity. Every smile challenge participant will receive 1,000,000 $YOOSHI as rewards for showing love to Angelman Syndrome through the challenge,” their Medium stated.

As of now, hundreds of investors have sent in their pictures and YooShi’s Twitter handle is brimming with smiles and happiness. While every crypto in the market runs on making money, YooShi stands apart and is helping children with their cause. Selfies from India, Philippines, U.S and countries from around the globe made it to the list.

What is ‘Angelman Syndrome’ that YooShi Token is Raising Awareness About?

Angelman syndrome is a genetic disorder. Children with the syndrome often smile and laugh frequently in almost every situation, and have happy, excitable personalities.

The disorder comes to light during the first 6 to 12 months of the child. Also, as time progresses, kids with the syndrome suffer seizures that begins between the age of 2 and 3.

In conclusion, Angelman Syndrome cannot be fully cured. Therefore treatment is provided by managing medical, sleep and developmental issues.

Nonetheless, Watcher Guru commends YooShi Token for taking up this initiative and doing their part in making the lives of people suffering from Angelman Syndrome a little better.

At the time of publishing, YooShi was trading at $0.00000182 and is down -7.6% in the days trade.