The Internet Might Break if Robinhood Lists Shiba Inu

Vinod Dsouza
The internet will break when Robinhood lists Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu community is hoping and praying that Robinhood (RH) would list SHIB by the end of the year. The tweets reached feverous pitch in the last two months on ‘Hey Robinhood when SHIB?’ all over social media.

Everyone in the crypto sphere could hear the sounds of the SHIBA army knocking on the doors of Robinhood. The tweets caused tremors in such fashion that the ‘who’s who of the crypto market’ began talking and tweeting about it. The phenomena even caught the attention of the mainstream news media outlets who also published the RH-Shiba narrative en masse.

It can be argued that its price spiked +900% in October due to investors taking entry position before a Robinhood listing.

Shiba Inu quickly became the talk of the town overnight and attracted heavy buying pressure. During the end of September, SHIB had 90% ‘Buy’ orders and only 10% ‘Sell’ orders. The community took the whole thing to a new level that was unprecedented. The whole sensation behind the RH listing SHIB brought laurels to the token in October with a +900% spike.

The chain reaction to the events from September to November remains to be the most ‘popular’ series in the SHIB world. It also put the token at the crossroads of better fortunes and made the ‘1 Cent Dream’ appear in the rare view mirror.

Getting listed on RH is a temporary goal, but achieving the ‘1 Cent Dream‘ appears to be the main goal of the SHIB community. Influencers, SHIB enthusiasts and investors as a whole are toiling day and night through tweets to make that a reality. They believe the more people they reach, the better would be the token’s price in the future.

Will Robinhood List Shiba Inu in 2021?

CEO Vlad Tenev didn’t directly answer if RH will list SHIB during a CNBC business segment. Hours later Robinhood Comms sent out a tweet saying, ”We have not made any announcements with regards to SHIB or any other upcoming coins.” They also retweeted the same message twice and repeatedly reminded investors that a listing is not on the cards.

Even their crypto division COO Christine Brown said in an interview with Decrypt that RH is ”not rushing to list” SHIB.

However, despite all of these, RH mentioned SHIB in one of their Instagram stories. Another top management executive praised the SHIB army on how dedicated they. Whether RH will list Shiba Inu- Only time will tell.

Shiba Inu at the time of publishing was trading at $0.00004681 and is down -6.4% in the days trade.