Michael Saylor Says He Will Never Stop Buying Bitcoin

Source: Bloomberg

In an interview with BloombergTV, Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, says he will be buying Bitcoin forever. The CEO has been a bullish believer in Bitcoin for some time, and his company has been one of the biggest investors in the cryptocurrency.

In response to a question about taking profits on his Bitcoin and potentially selling, Saylor says “I’m gonna be buying the top forever.” He further adds, “Bitcoin is the exit strategy, it is the strongest asset.”

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Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy Bitcoin is currently worth over $10B. Furthermore, the holdings reached approximately $3.2B in unrealized profit last week. Saylor has been a longtime bull for Bitcoin as the leading cryptocurrency on the market. Because of this, he has led his company to invest in over 190,000 BTC.

“Bitcoin has just emerged as a trillion-dollar asset class,” Saylor added in the same interview. He compares Bitcoin to the Magnificent 7 companies, including Apple and Google. However, what he says those companies lack compared to Bitcoin is that BTC is an asset class, whereas Apple and Amazon are companies. Bitcoin is competing against Gold and the S&P, thus capital can keep flowing in, whereas the Magnificent 7 has caps.

Source: Crypto Tendencia

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“There is no reason to sell the winner to buy the losers” Saylor concludes in his point. At press time, Bitcoin is trading at over $51.7K and is up 5% in the past week. Bitcoin has been on the rise throughout the beginning of 2024, in part due to a surging market and the passing of Bitcoin ETFs in the US.