New NFT collection release By Deadmau5


As a follow-up of the released collection in December 2020, Deadmau5 released “deadmau5: Series 2 Card collection” in the new NFT collection. The series was released through creative agency RARES on the WAX blockchain. 

While compelling the energy and style of Deadmau5, the card collections of the non-fungible token operate just like trading cards.

The card packs can only be one of two that are standard or megapacks regarding the original series. The color and uniqueness differ even though the designs are identical.

The rarity level of the NFT cards is in different categories this time round. With ‘’gold” being the rarest and the common one being “pins.”

Nevertheless, a few extremely rare cards are given by the musicians.

A physical reward is given to holders of such uniqueness, which entails being on the guestlist for the upcoming live performance of Deadmau5.

The press has it that ten collectibles make a standard pack which goes for the US $9.95. Megapacks, on the other hand, go for US$29.95 while containing 30 collectibles.

Free NFT gifts are available to those that held their NFTs from the initial series.

The NFT platform RAREZ is exclusively for creators in the world of music, and it facilitates this drop.

The man behind the success of Deadmau5, Joel Zimmerman, played a role in the initiation of this platform.

Other NFTs are host here, for example, the likes of Weezer and Dillion Francis.

Deadmau5 has released other non-related NFTs collectible series via RAREZ.

Use cases for Non-fungible token music

Each day, NFT and the Music industry become more connected. The past year experienced an escalation of decentralized technologies within music industry interests.

Musicians across numerous genres seized the opportunity. Dallas Symphony Orchestra released three tiers of NFTs for fan engagement.

Among these non-fungible tokens were; video, music, and VIP experiences.

Megadeth released a collection of NFTs of their own on the other end of the musical spectrum.

NFTs are also incorporate for innovative business strategies by the music industry other than just digital collectibles.

The music industry also holds firmly to the blockchain revolution, from royalties to streaming data.