Paid Accounts Will Be The Only Social Media That Matters: Twitter’s Elon Musk

Sahana Kiran
Source – Business Insider

An array of individuals have questioned Elon Musk’s paid subscription direction on Twitter. Starting in April 2023, the social media platform’s legacy blue checkmark will be removed. Users will have to pay to get verified on Twitter. While Elon Musk has been busy promoting Twitter blue, earlier today, he revealed how paid accounts are pertinent in today’s world.

Artificial Intelligence [AI] has taken over the world. In the past couple of days, AI has been taking on several tasks, and exams, and proving its capabilities. Highlighting the same, Musk further noted how AI had the capacity to solve any “prove you’re not a robot” tests. One of the main reasons that Musk took over Twitter was to eliminate bots. Therefore, he attributed his latest move of paid accounts to the potential advent of bots.

He concluded by saying that “paid account social media will be the only social media that matters.” It looks like other prominent social media platforms agreed with Musk. Back in Feb. 2023, Facebook and Instagram’s parent firm Meta revealed that will be charging their users for a verified profile. Amidst this, news of Twitter’s source code being leaked surfaced.

Parts of Twitter source code leaked online

According to a legal complaint, portions of Twitter’s source code, the code that the social network is built upon, were leaked online. This is a rare and significant disclosure of intellectual property at a time when the firm is working to resolve technical challenges and turn around its financial fortunes under Elon Musk.

Reports claim that the code was uploaded to the Microsoft-owned website GitHub, where programmers may exchange code. After receiving a request from Twitter, it has now been taken down. Additionally, as these worries followed Musk, he went on to put Twitter’s value at a low of $20 billion. According to an internal memo, this is less than half the $44 billion he spent on the social media network only five months earlier.

Furthermore, Musk outlines the dramatic decline in Twitter’s valuation in a confidential email. He claimed that the platform had severe financial issues to the point that it was almost insolvent at one time. However, he restored some hope in the firm. Without specifying a timeframe, he wrote in the email that he saw a “clear but difficult path” to a valuation of $250 billion.