PEPE Coin: Price Surges 40%, 60% Now in the Green

Sahana Kiran
Source – Cryptopolitan

Meme coins have consistently attracted the attention of both investors and enthusiasts. PEPE, in particular, has recently experienced a revival, gaining prominence with a notable upswing in both its price and user engagement. According to the latest data, PEPE not only saw a considerable price surge but also surpassed other meme coins in terms of profit ratios.

Surge in Price and Profitability

Following a substantial increase in its value, PEPE has brought satisfaction to its holders, with an impressive 60% of them now enjoying profits. This positions PEPE as the second-highest in profit ratios among the leading meme coins, indicating a resurgence in interest and confidence in the coin. At the time of this writing, PEPE is trading at $0.00000154, reflecting a 3.7% daily increase and a remarkable 40% surge over the past seven days alone.


Active Addresses and Community Engagement

A crucial metric for assessing a cryptocurrency’s health and growth potential is the number of active addresses. In the case of PEPE, there has been a significant upturn in active addresses, nearly tripling the count compared to the previous week. This surge in community engagement suggests renewed interest and involvement in the community as investors are increasingly drawn to its promising developments.


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Transaction Activity

Another vital aspect of evaluating a cryptocurrency’s vitality is transaction activity. PEPE has not disappointed in this regard, showcasing positive trends in transaction volumes. Large transactions, which had hit a monthly low of around 10 per day, have now surged to over 160 daily transactions. This surge in substantial transactions indicates heightened trading and investment activities surrounding PEPE.


Furthermore, the total number of daily transactions for PEPE has reached an impressive 5.6k+, illustrating a robust level of activity within the meme coin network. This surge in transaction volume indicates a growing interest from traders and investors actively participating in the PEPE ecosystem.

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In summary, the recent resurgence of PEPE serves as a testament to the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market. With a significant price surge, a substantial percentage of profitable holders, a notable increase in active addresses, and positive transaction activity, the asset is solidifying its position as a formidable player in the meme coin space.