Pepe Coin Becomes the 3rd Most Discussed Cryptocurrency in the World

Vinod Dsouza
Pepe Coin Frog

The new meme kid in the block Pepe Coin became the third most talked about cryptocurrency in the world. Pepe Coin was launched in April 2023 and made a handful of investors who took an early entry position turn into millionaires. Read here to know how an early investor made $8 million in three weeks with an investment of $251 in Pepe. The rags-to-riches story is what made investors relentlessly talk about the token on social media last month.

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According to a recent report published by ICO Analytics, Pepe Coin is only behind Bitcoin and Ethereum in social dominance. Bitcoin took the top position with 17% mentions while Ethereum took the second spot with the same 17% mentions. Pepe Coin came close taking the third position with 16% of all social media mentions in June 2023.

Ripple’s native token XRP came fourth place garnering 10% of social mentions. BNB came fifth with 4.3% while Solana came in sixth spot at 4.2%. Subsequently, QNT took the seventh place with 3.8% mentions and ChainLink came eighth with 3.5%. In addition, APE coin and ARB took the ninth and 10th spots with 3% and 2.7% in social mentions, respectively.

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Source: ICO Analytics

Top 20 most discussed cryptocurrencies on Twitter in June 2023. In the chart below you can find a share of mentions of each coin among the top 150 coins by market cap,” tweeted ICO Analytics.

The Rise & Fall of Pepe Coin

Pepe Coin
Source: Spiel Times

Pepe Coin dramatically shot up in price in May but gradually declined as early investors indulged in sell-offs. The token is finding it hard to sustain in the indices as it’s down 60% from its all-time high. Nonetheless, Pepe Coin fared well in the last two weeks as it spiked 90% in the indices. However, its price is now declining as investors are booking profits.

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At press time, Pepe Coin was trading at $0.00000178 and is down 0.5% in the 24-hours day trade. It is also down 60% from its ATH of $0.00000431, which it reached on May 5, 2023.