Ripple: CEO Says XRP Is Critical to 3-Year Growth Plan

Joshua Ramos
Source: Bloomberg

Despite the asset’s difficulty within the current market, Ripple Labs CEO Brad Garlinghouse has noted that XRP remains a critical part of the company’s 3-year growth plan. Indeed, speaking with Fox Business, Garnlinghouse noted that the digital asset would combine with the impending stablecoin, and market expansion to define how the company perceives its growth strategy over the next several years.

Over the last month, XRP has struggled to gain any momentum. Over the last month, the asset has decreased more than 13% according to CoinMarketCap. Moreover, it has been able to break away from the $0.50 mark, and many are hopeful that the impending Bitcoin Halving Event could help jumpstart a possible movement upward.

Ripple XRP and Bitcoin

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Ripple CEO Notes XRPs Vitality to Growth Plan

Amid its ongoing legal battle with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Ripple has struggled over the last month. The digital asset market had experienced a surging March, which XRP has been absent from. However, the company still perceives the token to be critical to its plans in the short term.

During an interview, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse noted that XRP was a critical part of the company’s 3-year growth plan. Specifically, he noted the asset alongside the company’s impending stablecoin and global expansion as key parts of its strategy heading into the next several years.

Garlinhouse noted that Ripple is planning to increase the utility of XRP, further establishing its central necessity to the payment processing company. Moreover, he explained that the company’s expansion and embrace of more technology will “be great for XRP,” and the company as a whole.

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This will be complemented by Ripple’s exploration into the Stablecoin sector. The company had previously announced the development of the asset, with that process being another crucial part of the strategy the firm has implemented.

There have been some concerns from investors regarding how that stablecoin could impact the overall prevalence of XRP. However, the markets appear to be completely separated by the company.

Ripple notes that its stablecoin will allow it to compete with the $150 billion stablecoin market. Yet, their continued development of XRP use cases allows them to maintain a foothold in the cryptocurrency sector. This should allow them both to broach a new market and maintain their top 10 position of all digital currencies.