Ron DeSantis Will Abolish the IRS if Elected as President in 2024

Lavina Daryanani
Source: CNN

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently said that he will scrape off the Internal Revenue Service [IRS], if he becomes the President next year. By doing so, DeSantis intends to reduce the size of government.

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IRS is a corrupt organization: DeSantis

Apart from abolishing the revenue service statutory body, the presidential candidate also seeks to shut down three other agencies, i.e. Education, Commerce, and Energy. In a recent interview with Fox News’, DeSantis said,

“If Congress will work with me on doing that, we’ll be able to reduce the size and scope of government. If Congress won’t go that far, I’m going to use those agencies to push back against woke ideology and against the leftism that we see creeping into all institutions of American life.”

DeSantis is looking forward to “fundamentally re-constitutionalize” the government. Further elaborating on the same, he added,

“We talked about draining the swamp in 2016; that didn’t happen. I think the better analogy is breaking the swamp.”

Well, this is not the first instance where DeSantis has outrightly stated that he’ll abolish the IRS. Talking on the “The Dana Show” in May, DeSantis branded the IRS to be a “corrupt organization.” He went on to add that Americans “need something totally different,” and thus, he’d not hesitate to sign a measure that would eliminate the IRS out of the equation.

With the presidential elections due next year, most candidates have already started putting forth proposals and making promises. Donald Trump, for instance, has proposed eradicating federal funding for “any school or program pushing critical race theory, gender ideology or other inappropriate racial, sexual or political content onto our children.”

Furthermore, Robert Kennedy Jr, another contesting candidate, recently assured Americans that as President he will make sure that their right to use and hold Bitcoin is inviolable.

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