SafeMoon, Dogecoin, Floki Inu; Here’s who has the crypto community’s support in 2022

Namrata Shukla

Floki Inu, Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, Saitama, SafeMoon, and the list of meme tokens have become endless stepping into 2022. So CoinMarketCap made things a little interesting to gauge which “Top MemeCoins will survive & rise to the top in 2022.” CMC offered 4 lists with 4 different crypto assets for Twitter users to choose from and the results were quite interesting.

And the Top Meme coin is…

The first up on the list were meme coin king, Dogecoin [DOGE] and it was followed by Shiba Inu [SHIB], SafeMoon [SAFEMOON], and Saitama [SAITAMA]. With most of these digital assets having strong community support, the results were fetching.

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A total of 161,509 votes were posted for this string of coins and SafeMoon emerged victorious receiving 44.2% of votes. It was followed by SHIB with 30.4%. It came as a surprise that the leading meme currency, Dogecoin took the third spot with only 13.5% votes. Saitama took the last spot with 11.8%.

Source: Twitter

Although SafeMoon won with maximum votes, the community wanted to clarify that it was not a meme token anymore.

Another SafeMoon community member added,

Thanks for the poll, but as you already know #SAFEMOON doesn’t apply in this meme category! Not only that you guys can’t fix a simple safemoon Rank, but also can’t even identify the difference between a meme token and a utility token! Can you guys do better in 2022? Try to keep up

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SafeMoon has been moving on from the meme side to the utility side of crypto through real utility. It already launched SafeMoon wallet earlier in January 2022. Apart from this, it has also emerged as a stable asset during the time of the crash. This could be due to the recent changes brought about to the project including the SafeMoon V2 protocol upgrade.

There has been much anticipation around its decentralized innovations, SaFemoon Operation Phoenix. This could help in the digital asset shed its “meme coin” image once and for all.

Adding to the ‘Top MemeCoins’ list were Floki Inu, Kishu Inu, and DogeBonk. The second list included other tokens like Feg Token, Banano, and Dogelon Mars along with Floki. however, Floki was voted on the top with 58.5% of votes out of a total of 341, 599 votes on the post.

Source: Twitter

Meanwhile, Kishu Inu raked in 55.1% votes out of 117,954 votes and DogeBonk got 43.2% votes out of the total 22,854 votes on respective posts.