Can SafeMoon Breach the ‘3 Million Holders’ Milestone By the End of 2021?

Vinod Dsouza

SafeMoon was launched in March, 2021 and in just eight months of its inception boasts of 2.8 million holders. Between June to August, the number of investors remained stagnant at 2.5 million and attracted new investors only from September.

From September to the first week of November, SafeMoon gained close to 300,000 new investors. The numbers are steadily increasing and is aiming to cross the 3 million holders milestone.

Will SafeMoon Cross 3 Million Holders in 2021?

SafeMoon is currently in the dip since the first week of November as investors are in profit booking mode. The coin had soared +300% in October and is now experiencing sell-offs.

The token is sending mixed signals today and is swinging both ways towards red and green. However, market trend shows that when a coin dips, investors usually stay away. Similarly, when a coin shoots up, investors flock to buy it no matter what the price its trading at.

For example, Shiba Inu dipped all throughout May to August and failed to attract a large number of new investors. Nonetheless, when the coin shot up +900% in October, a large number of new investors flocked to purchase it.

As they said, few buy it at $0.00001 when its dipping, but the crowd goes all in when its at $0.01 and is rising. Basically, the +green symbol is what it takes to attract new investors and SafeMoon has to do a Shiba Inu.

If SafeMoon continues to dip or send mixed signals in November and December, its number of holders will remain stagnant. Also, if the coin shoots up in the coming few weeks, the number of holders will gradually increase. For SafeMoon to breach the 3 million mark by the end of 2021, it has to show a solid performance.

The V2 Upgradation

SafeMoon is all set to upgrade itself to V2 but the launch date is not revealed by the developers yet. The price of the coin is expected to head north when it upgrades to V2. Taking an entry position when the launch date is revealed would be a wise move to make.

V2 would allow SafeMoon to aim for better real world use-cases and also enhance its safety and security protocols. V2 would involve getting upgraded contracts that has the ability to change its consolidation formula.

For the uninitiated, consolidation is a DeFi feature and Safemoon is working towards reverse stock splits. The stock market allows companies to do reverse stock splits as it would eventually benefit the share holders.

”3 reasons why #SAFEMOON V2 is the Evolution. Upgraded contract implementing a 1000:1 consolidation. Increased quality, security and accessibility of SafeMoon. Preparing us for a warp speed future. New Listings Coming Soon,” their tweet read.