Shiba Inu Made these ‘Poor, Working and Middle Class’ People Millionaires in a Year

Vinod Dsouza
Shiba Inu
Source: Pixabay

Shiba Inu has made several poor, middle and working-class people millionaires. The coin gave wings to their dreams and can be touted as the ‘people’s crypto’.

Investors who took an early entry position in SHIB during its launch in August 2020 earned millions in 14 months.

Supermarket Employee Earns Millions, Quits Job

A warehouse manager in a neighborhood supermarket put in $8,000 on Shiba Inu during its initial days. Rob, the warehouse employee revealed that he was hooked to the token’s white paper and decided to invest.

The father of one then saw his investment spike enormously within six months. He then sold half of his SHIB holdings and cashed out $500,000 and deposited it in his savings bank account.

The other half of SHIB holdings ended up earning him a million after the coin jumped +900% in October 2021. The documents were reviewed by Fortune and the man quit his warehouse job and retired at the age of 35.

“I come from quite a poor background. I could never have even fantasised about having this much money. But it wasn’t gone. It wasn’t a dream,” said Rob to Fortune.

Rob also stated that he couldn’t control his excitement every day as he saw his investment multiply to ‘lifetime wealth’. Just like everybody else, he would check the price and his bank account just to make sure his gains are still there.

Man Buys House After Investing in Shiba Inu

Buying a house is the most common dream of the working class but not everyone can afford the overpriced real estate market.

However, another lucky working-class investor who threw his money in SHIB during its initial days sold his holdings and purchased a new home with money still left in his bank account to lead a good life.

The man sold his 42 billion SHIB coins last week totaling $1.5 million. Also, had the man waited for another week, he could have cashed out $3 million as the coin doubled in price later. The person in question does not want to be named due to security reasons.

However, he revealed that waiting for more time would have been greedy on his part and he has no regrets about selling early.

”Waiting for more would be greedy, I’ve been wanting to buy a house and basically just got a free one. I was bummed but looking back now, I’m happier that I have the money than I am sad that I don’t have more,”

He said on Reddit.