Saitama Ether swap made available On Trust Wallet; How is it connected to Binance?

Saif Naqvi
Saitama Inu

2021 was not only a landmark year for Bitcoin, but for the altcoin market as well. The likes of Axie Infinity, Sandbox, Fantom, and MATIC gave some of the highest Return On Investments in 2021. The utility offered by these coins continues to shape the DeFi market- an ecosystem that is marred by unlimited possibilities. However, 2021 was also important from a social standpoint.

Gains seen by Dogecoin and Shiba Inu underlined the gravity of community building within a decentralized space. In fact, both SHIBA and DOGE are amongst the top 15 coins by market cap even though their use-cases are currently being developed. A relatively new player to the ‘meme coin’ market, Saitama, looks to follow the path of its larger rivals. Twitter handle Saitama Official revealed that token holders increased to 300K yesterday, which coincided with a massive price rally.

The rise in popularity has now brought a Saitama/ETH swap on the Trust Wallet app. The official twitter handle mentioned that Ether can now be swapped for SAITAMA and vice-versa.

An Ether swap is another step in the right direction for Saitama. Since Ether is one of the most held alts in the world, a direct swap adds more liquidity SAITAMA more liquid, making it an easier token to buy.

The fact that Trust Wallet is owned by Binance is also interesting. As mentioned in earlier articles, SAITAMA could be up for a Binance listing after receiving this certification from Certik. With SAITAMA now under Binance’s radar, a successful listing would generate additional demand for the token.

The community continues to be bullish on Saitama Inu with the official launch of SaitaMask just around the corner. Although a minor correction was in effect, in-house analysis mentioned a few attractive levels for those looking to enter the market.