Saitama welcomes Khabib Nurmagomedov’s cousin into the Wolfpack

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While crypto networks were roping in football players and basketball players, Saitama was eyeing UFC fighters. The community-driven crypto network recently bagged a partnership with UFC fighter Makhachev Islam.

Saitama became the talk of the crypto town following the launch of SaitaMask. This swiftly turned into a mishap following the multiple glitches it encountered over the last couple of weeks. However, this did not stop the network from making progress. Last week, the network revealed that it would dive into the NFT space and now, it was collaborating with UFC fighter Islam.

In a recent press release, the network announced that it had signed a sponsorship deal with the UFC fighter. This partnership with the UFC star is expected to pave the way for an array of developments.

Islam took to Twitter to affirm the partnership with Saitama. The UFC fighter will officially announce his sponsorship deal with the network at his upcoming fight on 26 February. He further tweeted,

Furthermore, Aaron Malik, a developer at Saitama pointed out that the network was glad to onboard Islam as the ambassador for Saitama. Malik added,

“This sponsorship is a great opportunity for Saitama to connect with UFC fans and consumers worldwide as more and more people learn the benefits and opportunities that crypto-currencies provide.”

Additionally, the lightweight mixed martial artist Islam addressed the sponsorship deal and lauded Saitama for its impressive growth rate. He further expressed gratitude towards the network for its confidence in the fighter’s skills. “I appreciate Saitama’s confidence in my skills, and I look forward to serving as a strong endorsement of this token and its leadership team now, and in the future,” Islam stated.

Saitama continues to combat scammy profiles on Twitter

Similar to several other networks, Twitter was crowded with fake scammy profiles. As the Saitama network continues to grow, ill-doers trying to pocket easy money began prying on the network.

Thus, the Saitama network alerted the Wolfpack of impersonators. In order to further eradicate this fear, the network was urging Twitter to verify its main page on the social media platform.

Source: Twitter