Saitamask faces DDoS attack following the launch

Namrata Shukla
Source: Pixabay

The Saitama community celebrated the launch of the SaitaMask app on Sunday but it was quickly met with some ill-doers. According to Saitama Official, they experienced a massive bot attack soon after the application was launched.

Noting the events that followed the launch Saitama Official tweeted,

“We experienced a massive bot attack on our sign up api which caused some disruption. We restricted use currently while we mitigate the attack. We will update when the app is under normal operation. Current ETA 9 PM EST”

Those who have been around in crypto know better by now to release their app quietly to avoid unwanted attention from hackers and scammers. However, Saitama learned it the hard way- with some users complaining their Saitama tokens were stolen.

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Twitter user Dwaine Chung noted,

“A hacker stole only my saitama token. I have used metamask to connect to uniswap.. The transaction took place successfully but after 1 hours the amount was transferred to another wallet without my concern”

Meanwhile, it also invited some snarky comments from users about the safety of the platform. This was a jab at the Saitama ecosystem as only a week ago it was waving a “hacker resistant” certificate from Certik. The leading security-focused ranking platform, stating it was free of any critical issues provided this certificate to the platform right after the BitMart hack that claimed $200 million from victims.

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Twitter user Da Niel stated,

“I thought that Saitamask was meant to be hacker resistant. Now you have proved your point. Lol “

Another user Rylan T Anderson chimed in stating,

“Hey Russ told everyone it was hacker-proof or whatever while calling out Bitmart … that was a poor choice of words, be careful y’all… and never taunt hackers.”

Shortly after they acknowledged the attack, the team posted an update,

“Hello Wolfpack, quick update on Saitamask. Our engineering team has countered the DDoS bot attack and resolved the issue. The update will be reflected on backend servers immediately; however, the AppStore may take 24/48 hours to update. This is in no way a security issue within the app, rather a malicious attack to prolong its release.”

While the team maintained their stance that it was not a “security issue”, another project Impact XP was celebrating the first round of listing with a boost in its value. It also marked a new milestone with 15,000 holders as per an Impact XP enthusiast.

Impact XP community had been awaiting this listing and making it to Sitamask has pushed the asset’s value up by at least 15% in the past 24-hours. At the time of press, Impact XP was trading at $0.000000000256.

As far as Saitmask is concerned, the app may have faced an initial hiccup but its performance and utility will be defined shortly when more people begin using it. The CTO of Saitama, Max Hernandez concluded stating,

“Hey, guys I more than anyone was excited to release saitamask. Today only solidified my focus and if anyone thinks they have seen something. They have seen nothing yet, I’ll be focusing on saitama obsessively and making sure I’m focusing on the Wolfpack. Our mission is important!.”