Salesforce Integrates ChatGPT into Slack; Launches Einstein GPT System

Joshua Ramos
Source: CNBC

Software company Salesforce Inc. has announced a wide-ranging collaboration with OpenAI that includes integrating ChatGPT into Slack and creating its own AI system: Einstein GPT. Moreover, the company has stated its intention to expand the integration of ChatGPT-like tools across its software products, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The newly created generative AI bot by Salesforce was created to aid employees in a corporate setting, according to Forbes. Additionally, it was developed by Salesforce and its various partnerships, including ChatGPT developers and OpenAI.

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Salesforce Going All-In on AI

Following a report of the software companies’ $250 million fund for generative AI startups, there has been no delay in the integration of the technology. Salesofrce Inc. is already integrating ChatGPT into Slack, as well as creating its very own AI chatbot: Einstein AI.

The move follows weeks of headlines regarding the current dominance of ChatGPT in the tech world. Conversely, as the OpenAI chatbot has blown users away, and created market demand, companies are engaging in an AI arms race to capture some of that potential user base.

Source: Bloomberg

The latest is Salesforce, who has announced a wide array of collaborative efforts with a new partner, OpenAI. Specifically, the software company is set to utilize the technology for the purposes of aiding employees in corporate settings. Thus, out of that problem, Einstein GPT was born.

The bot integrated OpenAI technology, with Salesforce’s customer relationships management system (CRM). Subsequently allowing users to generate client summaries, emails, marketing copy or code, and more. Additionally, ChatGPT will be integrated into the widely used Slack application.