Shiba Inu: 4 Trillion SHIB Stand In the Way of a Vital Price Level

Joshua Ramos

Shiba INu has seen a massive influx of volatility amid the current market, subsequently, the asset is trading at $0.000007, with 4 trillion SHIB present at that price level. Moreover, data from IntoThe Block note what that means regarding its In/ Out of the Money (OIM) metric.

Specifically, this metric shows some perspective regarding the price level of any specific asset. Indeed, the indicator shows the average price at which a specific token was acquired, then compares it to the price of the asset now. Subsequently, if the current price is greater, then it is profitable. Conversely, if not, then the contrary is true. 

Shiba inu
Source – Finbold

SHIB Approaching Vital Price Level

The current digital asset market is noted for its immense volatility. Indeed, meme coins have seen an increase in their already volatile nature. Something that has certainly affected investors in the highly popular Shiba Inu token.

Yet, data released from IntoTheBlock has shown that Shiba Inu is observing 4 trillion SHIB that stand between a vital price level. Specifically regarding the IOM metric that the research firm has observed. Moreover, that data shows a +/- 15% difference at the current price for Shiab INu investors. Nevertheless, they present what could be selling pressure, or buying power, that could be a byproduct of how the price reacts. 

Shiba Inu Whales in Action: 21 Billion SHIB Moved to Major Exchange
Source: Mid-Day

The next price threshold for the asset is at the $0.000008 level. Yet, its quest to get there could be difficult, with nearly 15 million SHIB trading at a loss for investors. Specifically, with these assets acquired at a higher price than they are currently trading at, there could be pressure for holders to sell. Consequently, for the asset to reach that necessary level, it will have to see a reverse. With buying power infusing the current market. 

The only way for this to occur is for the IOM indicator to see the out-of-money data transition to in-the-money. Thus, alleviating the pressure for holders to sell, and allowing the price to continue to ascend. However, this is an inexact predicament. Moreover, the volatility leads to predictions of the potential result being highly inaccurate. Leaving many uncertain as to where the asset’s price could go.