Shiba Inu’s Bone Token To Be Listed on Robinhood?

Vinod Dsouza
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Robinhood listed Shiba Inu on April 12, 2022, after the community relentlessly urged the trading platform to get SHIB onboard. The listing was seen as a success as SHIB investors regularly bombarded Robinhood with comments about getting the token listed. The overall ordeal was a fiesta and a phenomenon never seen before in the cryptocurrency industry. The Shiba Inu ecosystem boasts two more cryptocurrencies – Bone and Leash, which are also listed on a few trading platforms. However, Robinhood has not listed Bone and Leash and SHIB investors want to see the tokens on the app.

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Shiba Inu: Will Robinhood List Bone Token Next?

Shiba Inu Bone

Shiba Inu’s marketing lead Lucie pitched the prospects on Thursday asking Robinhood to list Bone token. The marketing lead tagged Robinhood on X highlighting the factors that Bone produces in the Shibarium layer-2 network. Bone is the gas token in Shibarium and empowers the network by initiating all the day-to-day transactions. Therefore, Bone plays a vital role in Shibarium and has use-cases in the SHIB ecosystem.

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“Hello Robinhood App, Remember SHIB army? We’ve got an incredible gas token powering our L2 Shibarium, Bone. Kindly consider listing BONE. Thank you!” she tweeted.

However, while this is a petition only, Robinhood has not considered listing Bone at the moment. The leading stock and cryptocurrency app has not commented or confirmed any details about getting Bone onboard. Most likely, Robinhood might not list Bone at the moment as the platform has strict policies about listing cryptocurrencies.

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At press time, Bone was trading at $0.68 and is down nearly 4% in the 24-hours day trade. Bone is also down close to 96% from its all-time high of $15.50, which it reached in July 2021. The token has been unable to climb above its previous high for two years and is now mostly heading back in the indices.