Shiba Inu: Innovative SHIB Burning Tools To Be Unleashed in June 2023

Lavina Daryanani
Source: Crypto News

Prominent entities along with community members keep initiating Shiba Inu burns. Seldom has the burning wheel stopped rotating. A day back, for instance, Coinbase burned 200 million SHIB tokens. Parallelly, a dormant wallet that was inactive for almost two years [520 days, to be precise] abruptly woke up to burn its holdings via one single transaction.

Now another project, Blaze Token, has taken center stage, owing to its latest announcement. Notably, the project removed 3.6 billion SHIB tokens, worth $31,621, a few hours back. This is one of the most notable SHIB burn transactions of 2023.

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Prior to this, the project successfully burned billions of tokens in separate batches involving 1.2 billion, 3 billion tokens, etc. In fact, in several other recent instances, Blaze Token has been responsible for the largest SHIB lot burn. As a result of all these burns, the total number of SHIB tokens destroyed by the project has reached a significant milestone of 11.5 billion SHIB.

Leaving aside Blaze, Koyo Token is another project that has actively participated in SHIB burns. In fact, it considers itself an ally of the dog-themed crypto project. Additionally, Wolf AI, a new video AI-based editing platform also announced recently that it will burn trillions of Shiba Inu tokens each year. As recently reported, Wolf AI will burn 2% of fees on every transaction made in the project’s native token. In addition, the team will use 15% of its revenue to burn Shiba Inu tokens in the process.

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SHIB community awaiting June

Recently, Shibburn, Shib’s Inu burn tracker, revealed details of the platform’s next burn initiative. As per the announcement, the platform will be migrating to a new website, amongst other new updates. The same is set to launch in June.

Alongside the already existent burn tracking feature, “many other tools” that will help with burns will be introduced that can be used by users. Community members will additionally be able to create customized Shibburn bios to display their links, and NFTs using OpenSea, Blur, integrated Shibburn marketplace, add products, charts, burn data, etc. In fact, users will also get the opportunity to receive “reward tokens” when they burn tokens. Additionally, the new website will have free plugins for WordPress and Drupal. This will allegedly make it “even more convenient” for users to integrate the service into their platforms.

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